So which one looks older? Who acts older?

Getting down to the real nitty gritty here, keep in mind that David Gordon is at least two years older than Will Rogers. But who’s the more youthful? Who’s the more energetic?

Karmically, we find the answer to these questions delightful. It’s pretty obvious who’s starting to dotter, and who isn’t.

Just noted in passing.


Has anyone yet seen a writing sample from Sharon Springer? In order to make a considered judgement about her general capabilities, it would be nice to see how well she expresses herself when it comes to her visions of the future or her obviously technocratic reach for solutions.

Not to be coy, but people who think like her are usually incoherent when it comes to the details. It’s all jargon and cliches badly expressed. Not always though, and we’d like to see how she does it. And not pre-edited of course by friends like Rogers.

Gordon’s a pretty good stylist, and a reasonably clear thinker. Is she?

It’d be nice to see writing samples from all of them!



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15 responses to “So which one looks older? Who acts older?

  1. chad

    How well can they diagram a sentence?!?!

  2. The dark secret place

    If Springer keeps advancing progressivism and moving the city to the left that’s all that really matters.

    • semichorus

      It’s not progressivism she represents, and I’m getting really tired of this troll work. It just plays into these clowns’ hands.

      These guys are actively trying by design to make it look like Gordon and Gordon supporters are right-wing nutcases and morons. Don’t help them out.

      I’m also well aware — and have been for years — that about 90 percent of these sorts of comments are phony. They’re being deliberately littered here in order to paint a false picture of the anti-development population in Burbank. I’m about ready to ban them all.

      • Closer than you think

        Semi, whoever the poster from above is I don’t see as a troll. Trolls disrupt, like Anon3 (Kevin). I don’t see that post as disruption.

        About 6-7 years ago, I stopped trying to save Burbank, the County or the State. For the longest time, nothing I voted for would prevail. So, I gave up. I decided to do the opposite. Now I only vote for tax increases, bond measures, curbing freedom like the plastic bag ban and topping the list would be voting for whomever the biggest left wing kook is.

        I did and will be voting for a kook – Sharon. I voted for the kook of kooks Constantine – this guy is totally off the deep end. If you were running I would vote for you or AlSoCal or Chad. Chad would be awesome! Voting for an unabashed socialist it doesn’t get better than that.

        This State, County, City wants to go left and I’m merely accommodating the effort.

        It kills me not to vote for Gordon, but he will only put off the inevitable for a few more years. I want to see a crash and burn and when that happens I think most level-headed folks will blame the left and the democrat party.

        Whether someone meets your definition of the left/progressivism is irrelevant. The average person in California knows we are run by a single party which by and large is on the far-left.

        I could envision your lawn sign now:

        You got my vote. Good luck!

  3. Here’s a very old post from Viewpoints that I invited her to share when I was a supporter. Naming rights for city streets. Yuck.…ing-conversation/

    • semichorus

      That’s really nutty. One can only imagine the results.

      And why stop there? Let’s rename our schools, too. Who needs all those silly 19th-century writers we have on our buildings? Nobody reads them anyway.

      Bret Harte? What’s that all about?

      Emerson? God damn hippie.

      (Actually, I think naming rights for K-12 is illegal in California. Thank god. Maybe Konstantine and the Dem Club though can get it changed when they outlaw tenant leases…)

      Springer’s very much into money now, isn’t she? I call her the Organization Woman. The perfect, perfect sap. No wonder the booster boys like her.

  4. Anonymous

    Husan posted remember to vote yes on measure S! He’s so informed.

    • semichorus

      I thought he was against it– before the vote.

      He and others falsely claim that it will eliminate “more affordable housing,” which not only is blatant PR propaganda from the developer crowd, but no one builds affordable housing anyway. Talk about lies and hypocrisy.

      It lost btw. Voters are dumb. They’ll believe anything the big guys tell them.


      Right down the street. With an extra dose of development for the Millennial crowd.

      (I guarantee you that if rent control were on the ballot in LA, the hallowed Millennial generation would vote against it in droves. Right as they were benefiting from it.)

      • Anonymous

        Konstantine is always against things until he is suddenly for them.

        • semichorus

          He’s so ridiculous about some of this stuff that I’m convinced that he must be a plant designed to make Democrats look bad. He’s like a corporate guy’s parody of a liberal.

  5. PL

    Ever since I first laid eyes on David Gordon I’ve always thought of him as the picture of vibrant youth and beauty. When ever I see him all I can think of is a frocking forest sprite alive with the nectar of youth pulsating through the pale blue veins that run beneath his perfect, creamy-white skin.

    • semichorus

      You know, don’t laugh. David G. was quite a good-looking guy back when he first started out. See what Burbank does to you?

  6. chad

    Closer than you think. You sound like an Anarchist!! I could work with you on improving the city.

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