So what’s the “parti”?


Here’s another good buzzword that the technocrat crowd can start using to justify lots of new building projects in Burbank. That “Sustainable” is kind of getting worn out.

Hint: one of the problems with Burbank building projects is that there doesn’t seem to be one with any of them. Let’s get some parti pris in there for once and we might go along with some of these things.

We could be just like West Hollywood. Why not?





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6 responses to “So what’s the “parti”?

  1. Norm

    Always so well informed Emily Gabels Luddy tells the world how it is

    Emily Gabel-Luddy shared Sharon Springer Gardner’s post.
    March 1 at 1:23pm ·

    Thank you friends for your support of these candidates in the Burbank Primary:
    Jess Talamantes was re-elected
    Bob Frutos was re-elected
    Here is her expression of gratitude and on-going perseverance, as Sharon Springer moves on to the General Election. She will be a thoughtful, new voice on Council and deserves our continued support.

    • semichorus

      I can still hear the wailing and lamentation from that crowd last week when the news became clear that it was going to be a four-way race rather than an Establishment grudge match against Gordon.

      Rogers was SO going into his well-practiced straw man mode.

    • semichorus

      She’s such a stiff, isn’t she?

      She and Rogers win the stuft-shirt award every year. So bloated with self-importance they are. I remember Will once referring to this blog as “deeply troubling” or some other such language.

      Not to stress a point, but I’ll ask this question again. Has anybody ever seen these two laugh?

      She maybe, but Rogers?

  2. Anonymous

    She only laughs when she puts people down. She is just such a leading Democrat in Burbank.

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