These snail-mail ballots we have are so stupid! Why don’t we go to online voting instead?


Yeah, why don’t we? It’s the 21st Century!

(Going to online voting is the natural progression from having to physically mail your ballots in to a central location. So it’s just a matter of time before the advocates of online voting start getting listened to. “That postage is so dumb!”)

And wouldn’t it be easier right now to start mailing our ballots to that tabulating company instead? Other elections do. It’s so inefficient to make City Hall the middleman — that company has to use extra effort to do the work we’re hiring them for!



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24 responses to “These snail-mail ballots we have are so stupid! Why don’t we go to online voting instead?

  1. Anonymous

    The all mail elections were promoted as something that would bring very large voter turn out. they have failed to do anything but confuse people and it is time to return to the polling places.

  2. Tim

    Oh wow the council show is in tonight I started to think it got canceled but it is on my TV tonight. Darn it I got In and Out tonight and finished it before the show started. I like a Sub to watch this show but they keep canceling it. So who runs the city when they have no show ?

  3. Tim

    Ok so where is that Luggage Lady ? I mean she had two weeks off and she can’t get out of bed and come to the show tonight ? That Luggage Lady should get fired and they better not be paying her when she doesn’t even show up.

    • semichorus

      Someone better check down at the…
      Oh well, others can finish the joke.

      (She had very bad absenteeism on the Planning Board, too)

  4. TLR

    A sister city in China the puffer fish says ? How about not ignoring some of the sister cities we already have Puffer Fish. We have a sister city in Africa and you never ven mention them and how about the sister city in Sweden ? We do not need more sister cities Puffer Fish when we ignore some of our sister cities right now.

  5. Marie

    These houses getting built without following any of our laws is crazy. Why are some people exempt from following laws Mr Frutos ? This is getting so bad in Burbank and we have a council that is doing nothing.

    • TLR

      Well Semichorus the ones I know are simething like Habaron in Africa and Ota in Japan and something like oswego Sweden and i think there are two more but it is sad that Puffer Fish wants another sister city when we can’t even name the ones we have now. Puffer should do something for the sister cities we already have.

  6. Al in SoCal

    Where are the Trump-ish Libertarians on this issue? Maybe instead of rallying against drivers licenses of all things – they can bask in the outrage of having to pre-pay each and every ballot – as if self-respecting INTELLIGENT voters cannot put their own stamp on it?

    I’m talking to ONE segment of our voting population here – please someone with some Libertarian street cred come and explain how they can be for this – but against drivers licenses – or the mile-long list of gov’t benefits and privileges.

    • semichorus

      Having to provide a stamp first can make “mail” voting a pain in the ass. Which inhibits turnout.

      Which could be a good WAY to inhibit turnout. It helps make sure the flakes stay out of the process.

      Which was the main reason Barlow and Co. wouldn’t pay the postage. As to what libertarians would say, I have no idea.

      • Anonymous 2

        Interesting comment from Mr. Al. Requiring postage requires voters to pay something to vote. I know I know absentee ballots require postage but with absentee you are not forced to do it you request to do it with the all mail ballot it is called an all mail ballot for a reason. Silly Al leave it to him to try to suppress citizen participation by bring up get your own stamp

        • semichorus

          When voting is made a hassle, the perennially hassled don’t vote. That’s why it’s made a hassle. The perennially hassled usually don’t vote the way some people want — like the ones who make the rules.

          Didn’t Albano put postage on the envelopes? Barlow’s claim that paying the postage was illegal because it “offers something of value in return for voting” was absurd.

  7. Tim

    I like that Mike and Roy show. Channel 6 should cancel the council show and let the Mike and Roy show have the public comments. The public is the best part of the show and most of the council is the worst part of the show.

  8. DON

    Gordon is the ONLY council member who listens to and cares about the people. Councilman Gordon just proved it again through his questions to the city attorney and city manager. He ended with the plans to bring an agenda discussion about code enforcement, and the lack of enforcement on what happens with construction next door or in your neighborhood.

    • semichorus

      I wouldn’t say he’s the only one who cares. But his natural skeptical self means that he’s the only one who thinks to ask searching questions. You need people like that around to do such things.

      On this Rogers has been a BIG disappointment. I thought better of him.

  9. Tim

    Listening to Mr Rogers is like getting stuck in real thick fog. He talks but for reals I never understand what he is saying, it’s like he doesn’t speak English.

  10. Larry

    Here goes Rogers, excuses, excuses and more excuses. I find it ironic that Rogers always has the need to stick both his feet in his mouth. The Mike & Roy show is the best part of the meeting. If Rogers is so concerned with getting business done yet not a word about all the weeks without a meeting.

  11. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    It’s funny that Rogers complained at last night’s meeting about the Mike and Roy show being run during orals… well Will , you did the SAME damn thing years ago, running that crappy anti-Gordon blabbering video DURING orals.. Again , more hipocrisy from ol’ Willie

    • Faux Fuddy Luddy

      in fact Will even boasted about doing so back in 2014 , this from the Times/Leader:

      Letter: Videos show Gordon unfairly smears critics
      At two recent council meetings I used “public comment” periods to run videos refuting Mayor David Gordon’s charges that certain records have been hidden from him. It’s strange territory for me, with a quarter century record of arguing, often bellowing, even suing, for government agencies to release records.

      My latest efforts didn’t advocate secrecy. I used city videos to document Gordon’s accusations, and to prove he was given the documents — multiple times. In one example he discussed a report with its author, the author repeatedly referring him to documents in front of them, with Gordon then asking more questions based on the material. This was a televised meeting wherein the only item on the agenda was receipt and discussion of a report that Gordon later insisted he’d never been told about, and accused others of illegally hiding.

      Gordon also charges his critics are secretly given material hidden from him. I showed video of one example cited by Gordon, then a Gordon cheerleader holding up and commenting on the very report Gordon charged went exclusively to his enemies.

      I can’t know whether Gordon knowingly makes false accusations smearing others, or if he sincerely, frequently forgets important material he’s given. If the latter, he also has an ugly record of painting his lapses as the dishonest acts of others.

      Why do I care? Aside from being represented by Gordon, we claim similar stands on several city issues, from the looming threats of massive development adjoining a proposed airport terminal, to city failures to communicate with less influential stakeholders.

      The credibility of those speaking out with me on issues is as important as that of those I’m debating, and Gordon merits none. I think he does enormous damage to causes I believe in, and I hope he’ll turn over a new leaf. Putting an end to smearing critics and bystanders with false allegations, even by sly inference, would be a start.

      Will Rogers

      • semichorus

        I know.

        He also had that same ending script about Ted — harms his position, does tremendous damage, bla bla bla.

        Proof that he’s a phony? Like he did with Ted, when has Rogers EVER gone on record as backing Gordon on an issue of “similar stands”? I’m not talking about agreeing with his position up on the dais. I mean backing him up in public.

        Like in 2012-2014?

        He doesn’t. He just personally undermines the guy and his “similar” positions. Which in the end only harms the positions.

        When has Gordon ever “smeared” anyone btw? I also don’t trust Rogers on his depictions here of what Gordon was really saying or getting at during those occasions. Not being on the council in 2014, how in the world would Rogers know as well WHAT they had in front of them, or when Gordon received it?

        I remember thinking that at the time when i first saw that video. How the hell does HE know?

        For the record, the full council often historically worked against Gordon in the past. Remember that $20,000 in attorneys fees that he had to spend over their phony harassment? So he indeed has a point about being dicked with by all or some of the rest of them, and kept out of the works when convenient.

        How many times too was he passed over for vice-mayor/mayor? So there’s a clear history there of bad faith and dishonesty on the part of those who dislike Gordon. He’s not making it up.

        This sentence is funny:

        “The credibility of those speaking out with me on issues is as important as that of those I’m debating, and Gordon merits none.”

        None? None at all? On anything?

        That sounds like bias.

    • semichorus

      Good point.

      There’s also a long history down there of serial videos being run during orals supporting this or that candidate. Roll the tape! Rogers used to write about this as well.

  12. Nancy

    Why is it that every time Rogers opens his mouth he comes out with accusations about others about things he himself has done ? Is this some way for him to try to give himself cover ?

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