The audacity of singling out Gordon for “IKEA.” Etc.


Just to show you how wildly desperate this booster crowd is to get another credulous booster in there, and how much community ridiculousness they’re willing to traffic in, we thought we’d cite a published response in MyBurbank to Will Roger’s recent letter about the well-known perfidy and hypocritical bad faith of Councilman David Gordon — the same letter that he also for full effect cross-posted to the Leader:

Thank you, Councilman Rogers, for saying what I and so many others feel. You said it much better than I could.
I was surprised by the revelation that Gordon and Guillen had accepted these contributions, but especially by Gordon, who is always so aggressive about his anti development stand. Yet he’s the guy that voted for IKEA without adding any of the conditions so many Burbank citizens asked for. He’s the one who jmped on a bulldozer like a kid. He’s the one who took money from Cusumano’s development group and kept it, and then made excuses that ring hollow to all of us who have not drunk his VERY Trump-like kool-aid.

Hold on. Gordon’s an avowed anti-Trump Democrat, so this little slur here won’t find much of a mark to hit.  Gordon was also the most skeptical one of the bunch about that new IKEA in fact, and the reason why he voted for the project sans any of the supposed “conditions” that this guy won’t spell out is because no one else brought them up either, whatever they ought to have been. He showed great concern about the project, too.

Gordon also lacks the ability of “adding” anything to a subject matter vote; and since they all voted for the same thing as Gordon per IKEA, they didn’t add anything either. Or make much of a try. So let’s single out Gordon, right?

Gordon has also never been anti all development, so there’s nothing inconsistent here about his behavior. Is he supposed to be against everything? IKEA’s also not what any of us are worried about when it comes to destructive projects. Do the other council members object to that new IKEA as well?

Oh really? When?

Ms. Springer asked a question about this. Did not level any accusations or make any threatening remarks at all, and suddenly a few Trumpettes…um, sorry, Gordonistas started spreading lies and slander about her intentions. Of course she wants to beat him in the election, but she has been a fair candidate all along, and I – for one – admire the fact that she has the guts to respectfully call in to question the contradiction of his financial dealings. I want my council members to ask the hard questions. Gordon did not answer wit hthe same integrity or respectfulness, and I’m not surprised. He’s a sexist, mysoginistic, bombastic bully, who has done nothing for our city during his long tenure on City Council. He even had the audacity to say in his official video, “Hi, I’m David Gordon, and I am on CIty COuncil…and I believe the Status Quo is not good enough”. He’s right. Let’s get rid of that awful offensive Gordon, and elect Springer, who has “proven” she cares about more than her self-agrandizement.

It was dishonest for Springer to accuse Gordon of getting the new IKEA through, or that it was some kind of notorious mega-harm of a project in the first place, which is exactly what she was claiming. She also failed and fails to challenge either Talamantes and Frutos on this very same charge.

Instead, she’s taking an obviously well-tutored lesson from that ancient Rogers’ playbook of false charges, innuendo, red herring targets, misrepresentations of facts, and the desire to always demonize the other side as inconsistent and wild-eyed fools and morons. She and her supporters must think it’s going to work the same way it did with Ted McConkey 20 years ago.

If Gordon btw has indeed been an ineffective member of the city council, and is always on the losing side of an issue because he can’t get anything done, then he in fact is not the “status quo.” So his campaign claim makes perfect sense in this letter writer’s own terms.

As to the sexist, misogynist, and bullying claims, not only is there a complete lack of evidence on this (no, Shelley Rizzotti lying about you and hating you in public does not make you a woman-hater, although it could provide a good start), it just shows you how obviously desperate this crowd is when they have to engage in such dirty and malicious ad hominem attacks. They’re just simple smears.

Wonder what’s next with them? They gonna go after his practice?



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18 responses to “The audacity of singling out Gordon for “IKEA.” Etc.

  1. Anonymous

    When will you get it? One does not need to support Trump to emulate him.

    • semichorus

      Gordon does neither.

      Is there any more personally un-self-aware member of the local community than Will Rogers?

      Maybe just his fans.

      And again, Springer’s not running against Trump. But keep trying, guys.

      It’s so fucking sleazy what’s going on here with the “misogynist Dr. Gordon” opposition, and anyone with half a brain can see it.

  2. Anonymous

    From Facebook the Rogers interpreter speaks yet again

    Kevin Harrop: Rogers never said that taking developer money was bad. He said that Gordon doing so amounts to hypocrisy. Too subtle for the likes of you.

    Say what ? @City of Burbank Facebook page you will never find a lack of complete blather coming from people like this guy.

    • semichorus

      Not subtle. Wrong.

      Even if he did take it, which he didn’t, the problem is not money, but who that family endorses. Gordon’s concern has always been not the suggestion of bribes, but way too agreeable council-member preference for their projects. No one’s ever accused people of payoffs, except maybe in Rogers’ fevered imagination about who he thinks are the Burbank underclass.

      Btw … interesting isn’t it that Will doesn’t address the question of why the Cusos only gave to the two reform candidates — or at least mention how corny/contrived and “set-up-y” it was?

      You’d think he would, or at least giggle about it in passing. If he was fair.

  3. Geri

    It all seems to work in Springers alternate universe I guess but she has no firm grip on reality if you ask me.

  4. Rose Ann

    Is that little tirade about Gordon that you have in the lead story from Rizzotti herself or just from one of her devotees ? Shelly is a Republican by the way people.

    • semichorus

      It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s from one of those Pet Parents. The woman-hating claim is a good tipoff.

      To tell you how awful that crowd is, during the height of the pet store harassment a few years ago, some of these clowns were placing phony Yelp reviews on Dr. Gordon’s business site that accused him of bothering female patients, i.e., sexual harassment.

      They’re real pigs, much of that crowd. Fanatics, for a better definition. The ones I’m familiar with locally are terrifically dysfunctional, and have been for years. Talk about haters!

  5. Anonymous

    Rozzotti is obnoxious.

  6. chad

    You raise a good point. Gordon is not anti-all development. The reason he returned the Cusumano money is because they have a couple of projects in in the approval pipeline so he didn’t want to be compromised for that window of time. He didn’t say “I refuse contributions from all developers all the time.” He said he wouldn’t take the money at this time.

    • semichorus

      That too.

      This whole thing is the Gordon haters simple grasping at straws. Rogers contentions alone about what Gordon fans are saying and have done during this election cycle are fraudulent. His straw men are more than a bore now, they’re a lie.

  7. Burbank Hooligan

    To me, it looks like Gordon does care about IKEA traffic

    • semichorus

      But why then wasn’t he “adding” his concerns to the agreement!!???

      Candidate Springer is outraged that he didn’t! What a bad man! What a phony!

      (You know, if a candidate friend of Gordon’s had made such a stupid claim as Springers’, Rogers would be the first person in town to ridicule them for not knowing how the council-governance process works.)

      • Ellen C

        Semichorus , so many times those council members should have listened to Gordon and didn’t and so many time we pay because they ignored Gordon in the beginning.

  8. Al in SoCal

    Sure – AGREED, but come one everyone it’s politics. Is it not audacious .. err even what some (me) would call hypocritical to sit there and call her out on this but not call Gordon out AT ALL on his donation?? Please.

    • semichorus

      Why not then also call out Cusumano?

      It’s audacious because singling out Gordon about IKEA is dishonest.

  9. Anonymous

    You are small minded people. So simple. You think development isn’t going to happen ? It is. What we as a community need is developers that care about our community and give back . People that are from here and want to work here.

    Gordon is a great guy. He doesn’t have to hate Cusumanos. He should be allowed to take a donation. It’s not going to change his mind if it’s a good project he’ll vote yes. If not no.

    • I agree. I thought at first the Michael Cusumano was just hedging his bets and perhaps reaching out with an olive branch as if to say: “It’s cool. People are pissed off about Talaria. But let’s work together to figure it out and do it better next time.” Who knows? The truth is somewhere in the middle. But Gordon’s a good guy and there are responsible developers in town. It’s the volume of large projects that has me concerned. And the thought that changes in mixed-use standards are going to transform Victory, Burbank and Olive into what Central and Brand aves. in Glendale now looks like.

      • semichorus

        The speed with which Rogers and his buddies jumped on it makes me cautious about being so charitable.

        Since zeroing in on the alleged hypocrisy and idiocy of the council critics is one of his tools of trade, no matter how much of a stretch, nothing would surprise me about how this contribution came about. It’s seems tailor made for Rogers 1997.

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