Is the Rogers/Springer crowd trying to gin local Democrats up against Gordon by inferring that he’s a Trump supporter?


Sure seems that way to get votes. Springer alone has been trying to inject an offensive amount of Democratic partisanship into a local race that by tradition has always been decidedly non-partisan. And should stay that way.

Gordon’s not a Trump supporter. Nor are “the Berlins,” nor would Ted McConkey have been. Most of the longtime critics and reformers are in fact not a right-wing crowd. So keep trying Will. There isn’t anyone in town more “Trumpian” in tactics than you.
What an eye for talent they’ve got though. Who’s that in the middle? Oh yeah, the let’s-get-rid-of-leases guy.




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35 responses to “Is the Rogers/Springer crowd trying to gin local Democrats up against Gordon by inferring that he’s a Trump supporter?

  1. Someone should ask Sharon about using high school kids to distribute flyers for service hours.

    • semichorus

      True? They getting BUSD credit for this?

      Say it ain’t so. That would be an instant Title VI through IX violation. Students can only get service credit for political campaigns if it’s done through a previously Board approved nonprofit agency or group.

      And if the high school actually ADVERTISED the work to get students to volunteer, Whoa Nellie. That would be promotion and solicitation.

      Whoever it is, BUSD rules require board approval for any and all outside “volunteer” opportunities that students participate in. The kids can’t just volunteer anywhere. So where is it, and when?

      I hate this idea of mandatory “volunteer” hours for high school students anyway. I despise it. And in places like Burbank it’s just being used to get free labor.

      • Key Club I think. But may have been for service hours. I heard a few versions of the story. I assume they’ve stopped but yeah. Not great.

        • semichorus

          Well Key Club can do it, unless they’re organized under the ASB under an administrator with direct supervision over their activities.

          I don’t know what the setup is down there any more. I think the Key Club was run by something like Rotary, wasn’t it? It was like Demolay for business kids.

          Sounds pretty sleazy. The BUSD better not have solicited the work.

          • Anonymous

            What is sleazy about it? The fact that Gordon can’t do it?

            • semichorus

              Kids shouldn’t get school credit for working in political races. How then do you distribute them to stay fair? And who advertises it? The school?

              Why not give them credit for going to church then? It’s sleazy to use them that way. Pure volunteerism, perhaps. But only if they volunteer on their own, and for the sake of the campaign.

              Otherwise it’s forced labor organized by the school district. The kids are hardly “volunteers.”

              And Burbank races shouldn’t be partisan.

  2. Matilda

    What do you expect from umbrella man..tragic we are stuck with this antagonist for a few more years. Or not?

  3. Burbank Bill

    Yes. and he will be our very own mini-Trump Mayor come May.

  4. Anonymous

    No, they are not.

    Rogers is quite correctly asserting that Gordon is fond of alternate facts, just as is Trump. Hence the comparison. Nobody is saying that Gordon is an actual supporter of Trump, just an emulator.

    • semichorus

      Both you and he are lying about Gordon. And “alternate facts” are not what Rogers is referring to. It’s alleged tactics and deportment.

      The new racket going here — possibly Will’s idea, because it’s a natural extension of his longtime nutcase view of Gordon and his supporters — is to tie Gordon in with Trump and Trump supporters in order to increase Dem support for Springer.

      Springer’s already making her candidacy a quite partisan affair, more than I’ve seen in years, if ever. It’s Dem this and Dem that. I don’t think it’s a coincidence either. She’s clearly running as a Democrat for city council trumpeting her Democratic connections, and her opponents are being seen as right-wing nutcases.

      Or so the effort will try to make it be.

      • Anonymous

        ” are not what Rogers is referring to. It’s alleged tactics and deportment.” Exactly. Not saying that Gordon actually supports Trump, just that he channels him. Thanks for agreeing with my point.

        What is there about Springer trumpeting her Democratic endorsements that so bothers you? If Gordon could get Democratic endorsements he’d be trumpeting them as well. But he did not. And he certainly pursued them. I’ve seen him do it.

        Burbank is majority Democratic. Candidates who have Democratic endorsements and don’t exploit them are morons.

        • semichorus

          He doesn’t channel Trump in any way, and it’s obvious by now that Springer/Rogers are going to try to pigeonhole Gordon and his supporters as right-wing nutcase in order to attract the Dem vote.

          • Anonymous

            And good luck to them. Gordon denies global climate change, so let it rip!

            • semichorus

              He objects to the merchandising of it for purposes of encouraging development. So do I.

              He also doesn’t buy all the bureaucratic nonsense surrounding “sustainability.”

      • JULIE

        The funny thing here Semichorus is the fact that Gordon, Guillen and Springer are all Democrats, a little fact that neither Springer or Rogers is telling anyone and Frutos is a Republican and Frutos the Republican is endorsed by Rogers. Isn’t it interesting that Rogers says Trump a whole lot and endorses the Republican in the race while attacking Democrats in the race.

        • semichorus

          Their obvious strategy now is to try to identify Gordon and his “fans” with right wing crazies — in a Democratic town.

          Ted McConkey was a Dem as well.

        • Anonymous

          Gordon and Guillen are not endorsed by the Democratic party, although they both asked for the endorsement.

          No, it’s not very interesting.

    • Patricia

      So funny that everything Rogers says need interpretation from some interpretor. This time it’s from Anonymous which could be Rogers himself for all we know. Rogers is correct on this just like he was correct claiming the elderly woman climbs poles to destroy city signs at Griffith Park Trails right ? Rogers is a buffoon.

  5. DixieFlyer

    How can you blame President Trump for Rogers??????

    Burbank voters picked Rogers and are stuck with him, unless or until the Good Lord intervenes.

  6. Betty

    Yeah that local crew that calls themselves the Burbank Democratic Club. They are a real group of wing nuts, take a look back at their past as Harrop sticks his goofy face all up in the camera non stop. Harrop seems to love cameras time.

  7. Anonymous

    Are you saying that the Burb Dems have no right to endorse? The local Repub club has donated to Frutos, a Repub.

    The first amendment still holds, at least for a little while longer. Unless you can suspend it.

    • semichorus

      They can endorse. But she shouldn’t run as a Democrat, or liken Gordon to an out-of-touch Republican in order to gain Dem votes.

      • Anonymous

        Both Gordon and Guillen have received the endorsement of the Democratic party in the past, and both used it to gain votes. More Gordanian hypocrisy.

        • semichorus

          They didn’t run as Democrats and play on the alleged kook-Republicanism of their prime opponent. That’s EXACTLY what Springer and her buddies are trying to do.

          Big, BIG difference.

  8. Incognito

    Springer drank the KoolAid when she last ran… She visited with the remaining candidates and endorsed Will because he knew to answer just what she wanted to hear, he did and she bit!!!!! So Will is now repaying her by endorsing and carrying on like the IDIOT that he is.

    People quickly forget that he is a “Pot Head”, a Felon (stole from his employer and found guilty), was found in a compromising position with Spanos and with another woman, yet elected him to office.

    The righteous will never accept fault and blame everyone else for their failures/shortcomings.

    • semichorus

      Who was the other woman?

      I always thought it was dumb/weird for him to be hanging out with Spanos in his car down on Front Street late at night. He admitted it. Investigative reporter!

      I’ll say it again, and I think it’s a good tagline. When Will “I have no idea how many college credits I have” Rogers and his buddies were figuring out how to bring pot in from Chicago and sell it for big money in California, David Gordon was finishing graduate school at Berkeley.

      Take your pick.

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