You’ve got to be kidding


One of our favorite commenters just shared this little gem from the official-unofficial “We Love Burbank So Much” Facebook page:

this is funny , from that Burbank Facebook . Some of them woke up and realized the B6 propery is being developed.. and Telemontes son, who runs the page, is acting like he doesnt know anything about it :
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Scott Talamantes

Scott Talamantes This can’t be right.

That is a large piece of land! How did the City sell this parcel and none of us knew about it? The City probably got millions for it, right?

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Chris Allen

Chris Allen Really? Never heard of the “B-6” site, or the opportunity site?

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Scott Talamantes

Scott Talamantes So… it was Airport property … And the City didn’t have anything to do with its sale to the developer?

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Apple, meet tree.

And you just know they all voted for the new airport. Change is good, people!



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3 responses to “You’ve got to be kidding

  1. Anonymous

    Just realized Daddy didn’t get a kickback? OUCH

  2. Anonymous

    More than likely he really does not know. These city boosters in their skirts carrying the pom poms about all they do know is how to say rah rah and wave those pom poms.

  3. DixieFlyer

    Scott and his bosom buddies are already planning to root-out any homeless who they may discover on the B-6 property.

    So much for “following” Burbank politics.

    Jose, meet hose B.

    Many traditions do NOT skip a generation.

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