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A warning though. Once you get started there’s no end…




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  1. Anonymous

    I heard Rogers & Springer are writing the definitive book of sustainable science with an introduction by that renowned scientific expert Harrop.

  2. Al in SoCal

    Yes – it’s tragic that she actually gives a shit … what about *ANY* of you – what do you do besides moan … and complain .. and moan? Answer: NOTHING

    Whiners .. nothing more than – and thankfully that is exactly what will be reflected in our municipal election – and guess what else that will grind you up? Our sales tax is going up for the homeless – LOL .

    I’m still surprised many of you live in CA when you hate everything about it – save maybe the weather?

    Also – am oh so very happy that our legislature is just about to pass the state sanctuary law that Brown will sign. =)

    • semichorus

      I love how none of this stuff applies to me. Which must frustrate Will greatly that his phony little handles on people (like “The Berlins!”) leave me unscathed.

      He’s got to think a lot harder now to try to nail me. Or at least lie more. Right now he just tries to pretend I don’t exist.

      Springer’s ideas by the way are quite establishment-mediocre. At best. Real, real institutional and inherently pro-development, all pretty words aside.

  3. Al in SoCal

    Apologies – wrong screenshot. Type “Paypal accept or deny payment” into Google. That will give you all you need to know what internet savvy Dr. Gordon and Juan G “small business owner” MUST HAVE DONE in order to have gotten the money.

    Let’s review quickly: You MUST click “ACCEPT” in order for funds to be … wait for it … accepted. LOL – but please by all means keep thinking Saint Gordon and his alter boy Juan G. were just innocent bystanders in an awful evil game.

    Corrected screenshot: (see the ACCEPT – DENY option????)

    • semichorus

      No one thinks that at all. Except in Rogers’ stale imaginings, like circa 1996.

      You also have to transfer PayPal into a regular bank account in order to use it, unless you do everything on eBay. And I have no idea how acceptance works for campaigns.

      Btw … when this election season has Gordon railed about Cusumano donations? Unless he has — and not just the influence of developers or business interests in general — Rogers’ little premise here ALONE falls apart.

      And which Gordon supporters have done the same? I’m not talking about Talaria criticism. I’m talking about recent condemnation of Cusumano money.

      None of Will’s little indignant stereotypes and red herrings apply to me at least, because I say take the money! The Cusumanos are way down the list now of people to worry about.

      • Anonymous

        Talk about moaning Al of So Cal , read Rogers long moaning tirade and you will see the very definition of moaning fest.

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