Is Fronnie now censoring comments as well?

Unless there’s something weird is going on with our android pad, it looks like Fronnie’s doing​ things the easy way now: she’s just blocking all of her outside comments entirely. If so, when did this policy change begin?

If anything, you’d think that a renewed and (now) energized election season would be the time when you’d actually encourage  more comments. Unless of course you’re a disappointed Springer supporter who just saw her chances of beating Dr. Gordon get much worse re: the latest vote count, and you don’t want to feel the extra heat.

Or let people publicize the obvious advantages of some of her opponents.

Here’s an odd sentence too from Fronnie’s recent piece about the vote count:

Per a new Burbank election code, the city clerk’s office could accept mail-in ballots postmarked on or before primary election day, February 28, up until noon on Friday. 

Sorry, but the local election code had nothing to do with it. Her fault or not, Fronnie’s leaving out the story that our Burbank City Council was forced to amend their own ballot toss-out rule because the state made them do it. Neither the City of Burbank nor the city clerk deserve any credit for the change. And it’s not a matter of “could,” either. They have to count all of these votes.

And such just desserts, too. As we pointed out yesterday, this state law change bumped Frutos out of a guaranteed top spot and made it much easier for Dr. Gordon to beat establishment-choice Sharon Springer in the runoff.

No wonder this booster crowd is being so nasty now. Such a disappointment, yes. Damn! So bring out Big Gun Rogers and his bag of rotting red herrings.

Anyone else notice too how slow/intransigent the city clerk was this week in fully announcing the big news? She waited until almost the last minute to deliver the blow. What a difference with how quickly Frutos was annointed the presumed victor on Tuesday.



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11 responses to “Is Fronnie now censoring comments as well?

  1. DixieFlyer

    Fronnie got pissed-off sometime ago, when commenters failed to follow her lead and pay homage to the Magnolia Park Merchants Assoc.

    Many thought her practical side would listen-up when she and her husband opened their own shop.

    The parking hogging by Romancing the Bean is readily apparent to others when they try to patronize other establishments.

    Her personal pique has lasted.

    • semichorus

      Obviously, yes. She was taking comments a week ago.

      I love how they’re all clamming up now in the attention department. I’m getting such a kick at how this last-minute election news has really gummed up the works over at Establishment U. They really thought Gordon was going to get steamrolled by the Springer Express.

      No… it’s the Springer Streetcar! That’s better. Maybe they can get it paid for by one of those grants!

      • Marie

        Fronnie @ media city groove has become nothing more than a sick little troll. You are right, no comments and best part no readers anymore.

  2. Anonymous

    Now there’s no obama news and you can tell your own weather no reason to visit.

    • Anonymous

      Maybe Springer bought a cookie from the cookie store she now runs next to that coffee bean place down on Magnolia.

      • Anonymous

        Honestly I stopped visiting her site because Councilman Frutos makes me sick to my stomach and her site is the Fruitos show. Tuned it out.

  3. Anonymous

    “Springer supporter who just saw her chances of beating Dr. Gordon get much worse re: the latest vote count,” I don’t know what you are talking about, Gordon’s percentage did not change notably.

    Fronie is a big fan of Juan, is that not good enough for you?

    • semichorus

      She’ll now be running against Frutos as well. No simple 1:1 grudge match for the boosters.

      • Anonymous

        Now there are two seats available, so it does not mean anything about Frutos being in the race, she is not running against Frutos, who obviously is going to win a seat. The grudge match is on.

  4. Fronnie wouldn’t report on the $50k illegal donation. Big news story that should outrage everyone in town. Silence speaks volumes.

  5. Al in SoCal

    Fronnie has always censored comments – she just used to agree with “the gang” and therefore her censoring was not only not minded – it was sometimes applauded.

    I will give you this Semi – this is the *only* place to post comments anonymously (as so many like to do) – the *only* place where you can (gasp faint) cuss once in awhile – the *only* place where we can post a complete reversal of one of your opinions – and you will post it.

    It is appreciated and have no doubt that the forum is of great value to many of us.

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