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Caroline Cusumano (@carolinecast1) I Twitter - https___twitter.com_carolinecast1



Submitted on: Mar 4, 2017 @ 21:17

She’s 3 time all American , PAC 10 swimming champion. Grew up in Burbank, Funny you always pick on her.




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11 responses to “Comment of the Year

  1. Anonymous

    Doesn’t she live in Malibu?

  2. Anonymous

    I wonder if Cusamano gives her money. Will Springer and Rogers look into it ? Maybe the two crack pot investigators can look into it and find out what she did with that dirty Cusamano money. Get on it Rogers.

    • semichorus

      About Springer, the question is why they didn’t, apparently. But don’t expect any investigation from Reporter Rogers as to why that was.

      I guarantee you that if all the others had gotten Cusumano donations but Gordon and Guillen, and Gordon screamed in outrage about it, Rogers would have been the FIRST ONE to ridicule him for being a paranoid conspiracy monger.

      That being the case about this hypothetical — which is what WOULD happen — what is Rogers’ point about Cusumano donations in general? Digging down, there’s a basic inconsistency to his allegations that he can’t rectify.

      Bottom line? No matter how contradictory in nature, Rogers is always going to go after Gordon. Whatever works.

  3. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    For a sitting Councilmember to publish a lengthy Op-Ed about another Councilmember is a disgrace. Roger just seemed so childish in that Leader post about Gordon. Recall the manic Will as a private citizen running a crappy anti -Gordon video during council some years back?

    • semichorus

      He shows his lack of breeding, yes. The lack of a good formal education always makes itself apparent. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later.

      I’m curious who his adult models were growing up. Just bosses, most likely. If even that.

      The lies and misrepresentations are what get me. I can never figure who he’s talking about with his unnamed target examples. It’s nobody real.

      Where are all these crowds of maniacally stupid Gordon lovers?

    • Irwin Fletcher

      “Conduct unbecoming…” our future mayor displays. His rants remind me of Trump Tweets, but much longer.

      • semichorus

        The great joke here is that there’s nobody in town more classically Trumpian in tactics than Will Rogers. Innuendo, reliance upon red herring targets, deliberate misrepresentations of opposing positions, retaliatory timing, overuse of ridicule, hyperbole and scorn — the guy’s got it all.

        It’s all about expedience. Been this way for years– and often in service to others. It’s never just disinterested opinion.

  4. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    this is funny , from that Burbank Facebook . Some of them woke up and realized the B6 propery is being developed.. and Telemontes son , who runs the page, is acting like he doesnt know anything about it :

    Like · Reply · 1 · Yesterday at 1:00pm
    Scott Talamantes
    Scott Talamantes This can’t be right.
    That is a large piece of land! How did the City sell this parcel and none of us knew about it? The City probably got millions for it, right?
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 3:16pm
    Chris Allen
    Chris Allen Really? Never heard of the “B-6” site, or the opportunity site?
    Like · Reply · Yesterday at 4:18pm
    Scott Talamantes
    Scott Talamantes So… it was Airport property … And the City didn’t have anything to do with its sale to the developer?
    Like · Reply · 1 · 20 hrs

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