So who have the Cusumanos given money to this year?

Can somebody look it up? The maximum amounts these days are so small, and this has been such a lackluster election season, that we really could care less about who’s getting what. Unlike previous eras, this current council-majority is so credulous a group in general that you’d have to be a fool to think you’d need to actually bribe them to support your projects.

And did the Cusumanos give the same $400 to everyone? Or did they just give it to the critics in order for the booster crowd to go nuts?

Here’s another question. Does a simple, uncontrolled pledge to a PayPal account constitute a formally accepted contribution if it hasn’t been credited yet to the candidate committee’s bank account? You can’t use PayPal for much on its own except eBay and mail orders.



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17 responses to “So who have the Cusumanos given money to this year?

    • semichorus

      Thanks. Up till now I’ve really been less than concerned with the local contributions. Unless they become extreme I don’t think they’re much of an issue.

      Ironically, this (now apparent) Cusumano stunt against Gordon and Guillen has MADE them relevant. So in a sense it has backfired. It was quite hamfistedly foolish.

      And now that Disney has given money to Frutos? Why?

  1. Roy Simison

    I will donate $400 To watch semi locked in a room full of republicans for 4 days.

  2. Another anonymous

    I checked. From Michael Cusomano — only Dr. Gordon and Juan Guillen. There is no doubt in my mind that this was a dirty trick done by somebody familiar with how online campaign donations work and crafty enough to exploit a loophole. The length of time required to process a transaction depends on which online donation collection company you use — with some there is a delay for as long as 10 days before the $ gets deposited in your coffers. For others you have to manually do the transfer (this is the case with PayPal, I believe). But there is still a gap to exploit with any of them because the online donation site also provides a service that allows your Form 460 data to be exported automatically. This means every donation that comes in — whether it is showing up in the campagin’s bank account or not — gets exported onto this form, instantly. So, yes, it is indeed possible for a candidate to first learn about a donation when it appears on his Form 460. It is easy to game the system to make your opponent look bad — what I think is telling is what the other candidates do with this information. When Sharon Springer — who one might assume has some familiarity with how the online donation system works since she uses it herself — noticed this donation, she might have thought, hmmm, this is strange and out of character considering everything I know about these two individuals. Perhaps I should investigate further. Instead she ran with it — dumb, unethical, or involved in the con game? You decide.

    • semichorus

      If Cusumano only gave to those two reform candidates then it was indeed a setup. And a pretty hamfisted one.

      My suspicions about this are increased, yes, when I look at the timing. It was given on the later cycle– the shorter one — and right before the election. Not much time leeway on the reporting is possible.

      These guys aren’t just scumballs then. They’re stupidly obvious in their silly intentions. But only a moron would be gullible enough NOT to see what is going on here with these characters if so.

      Is Burbank that stupid? We shall see.

      You know, if these developer clowns and their friends and benefactors try to pull something like this — along with the assistance of the usual gang of booster mouthpieces — then just imagine what else they’ll be up to.

      It’s called “bad faith,” Will!

  3. Fan

    I donated to Dr David Gordon through paypal and his campaign got back to me 5 days later to get my information.

    I believe Dr Gordon when he said he didn’t know what was going on at first.

    • semichorus

      There’s no reason in the world why he’d accept a Cusumano donation. It’s not big enough to make a difference.

      And even if he did, big deal. It’s not big enough to make a difference!

  4. Election results: Bob drops under 50%. It’s now Frutos, Gordon, Springer and Guillen for the 2 open seats.

  5. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    THe Leaderless tomorrow front page about the cusamano donation. Nothing new of course in the articles, just a rehash of what we know. Enough about THAT donation, I’m more curious why Disney gave $ to fruitso ? What sway do they need with him? Looks like he has “un-won” and will now go to the generals after being declared a winner Tuesday night.. who the hell told him he won? And why.

    • semichorus

      Hmmm. That changes everything, and makes it a bit easier for David. I’d hate to see him have to slog it out with Springer alone. Those late votes must have really watered down Tuesday night’s total–

      If so, thank god for the new state law change that REQUIRES late votes be counted.

      It’ll be interesting to see what Guillen does with his Springer endorsement. He’s got a big decision to make now about whom to go with.

      A Disney donation, eh? Time to dust off the old issues. This race might be more fun than I thought!

  6. Anonymous

    Don’t forget that almost all Cusamano properties have a Frutos sign on them. That is a donation in my mind right there but I always pay attention to what signs are on Cusamano property and know who I am not voting for.

  7. Anonymous

    Dr Gordon should be able to take donations from anyone. It doesn’t sway him. Calm down.

  8. chad

    If you want to know who the Cusumano Realty Group supports just look at the signs on their properties.

    • Bob

      Chad you’re right on that and I always do. The Cusamanos own many properties so Frutos and Talamantes got a great contribution from the Cusamanos by way of name exposure with all those properties having their signs.

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