Has there ever been a buzzword project or “grant” or other high-toned bureaucratic scheme that Sharon Springer has NOT supported?

She seems to be quite the Company Girl, no?

We’ve been looking at some of Springer’s campaign literature tonight, and the easiest comparison we can make to her is with those kind of semi-demi-educated elementary school principals who buy into every trend and bureaucratic spending opportunity that comes along no matter how voguish and transitory. We can see why she’s so popular with the Committee Crowd.

We saw an interesting discussion on her Facebook page too. Apparently Springer has been bashing Dr. Gordon for quite a while, especially about IKEA.

One of her commenters made this point:

Laura Ioanou

So you don’t hold Talamantes, Frutos, Rodgers, or Gabel-Luddy accountable for voting YES on the new Ikea. Just Gordon? Gordon is the one that said, there needed to be traffic mitigation. Gabel-Luddy wanted to give Ikea a one year tax break, to a company that made 4 billion in the past year and she voted to gave the away any fees towards the Ikea Way signage. Ikea receive free signage.
February 22 at 7:30am · Edited

Interesting point. She’s right, too. They all supported IKEA’s new site and various amenities.

Here’s Springer’s reply:

Sharon Springer 2017:

Gordon disavowed accountability, and shirked blame, Maybe it’s ok with you, but not me. He voted “no” on Phase 2 of the Western Channel Bikeway, when all research indicates it will be a positive asset to our community. He was the lone “no” vote” in the face of some very positive testimony and evidence. It will help those low income kids get to their jobs in downtown Burbank and help commuters use the downtown Burbank Metrolink station either by bicycle or on foot. He does not represent the positive attributes that I and many in our community want. I ran against everybody 2 years ago, and I’m running against everybody now, to win. There’s no sinister mystery here. The Democratic Party has a slate that they endorse, and I’m honored to be on it.

The Democratic Party should really stay out of jobs that in Burbank at least have been always viewed as nonpartisan. At least by tradition. And who cares anyway.

It’s also absurd for Springer to single Gordon out for blame on IKEA — if not dishonest. He shirked blame for what? If anything, Gordon was the most skeptical one up there about the move. And Gordon also had good reasons to be against that river Bikeway. It was a silly, overpriced project; the neighbors were almost all universally against it; and nobody uses it. He knew that all from the beginning, too.

Biking to work? Yeah, we see those commuters all the time going down that totally unused Verdugo Ave. Bikeway. They’re quite a sight!

Some new ideas are good. Some are bad. And sometimes you just want to leave things the hell alone.


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