Good. Maybe it’ll bring in more Black people

Wouldn’t that be great? From LA Eater:

Per some city paperwork, it looks like Gus’s will take over the shuttered Momotaro restaurant space, just off the main chain restaurant drag there and not far from the massive new IKEA. The corner space comes with plenty of parking and great access for folks in the Valley and all points south and east who don’t feel like schlepping to Pico Boulevard for their Memphis-style spicy chicken fix.

If you’re not already familiar with Gus’s, get excited. The restaurant chain is among the most popular fried chicken names in all of America, and has already reached great heights from their corner spot at Pico and Crenshaw.

You know, if someone could guarantee that that new IKEA City on the north and Cusumano Kingdom on the south would bring tens of thousands of more Blacks and Jews into Burbank we might just support the two. The neighborhood would instantly turn into the Upper Upper West Side!

Only without Columbia. Oh well, you can’t have everything.





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    With a reaction like this!

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