Schiff for President


Adam Schiff has been so good on the television machine lately that someone really needs to draft him for the 2020 race.

Sure he’s from a safe blue state, and the villagers will all squawk about the need to bring out our “real” Americans from the cowtowns so they have something to vote for instead (like look how much good that did for Hillary with her useless VP pick), but it’d be a good choice. He’s polished, professional, and sane.





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5 responses to “Schiff for President

  1. JIillian

    LOL Schiff is worthless and has done nothing for Califirnia. Well I guess he us not senile like Pelosi. But seriously the Presidents soeech had so much to applaude but the Dems could not even clap about child care which suposedly is an issue they care about. Really oathetic Democrats.

  2. Anonymous

    Adam is too short, and btw he’s Jewish. Like the people in the fly over states are going to miss out on that? For the same reasons Al Franken is not viable, even though he would be massively better at it than the orange pussy grabber is.

    • semichorus

      You mean that Our Most Important Americans might not like him? You might be right.

      Can you imagine what the media would be doing right now if Trump had won the popular vote by three million, but Hillary had won the electoral college only by virtue of a huge number of “coastal” blue state votes? And the possible help of the Russians?

      They’d be going out of their fucking minds. “But, she was not the choice of the majority of Americans! ”

      “Is her presidency illegitimate? Shouldn’t she be going out of her way to compromise with the Republicans?”


      The utter assholeness of this situation we’re in is mindboggling in its hypocrisy and insanity. God must really hate this country.

  3. Kenneth W. Brannan

    Here in Texas Shiff couldn’t win garbage collector ! Just sayin !

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