A Burbank guy


Was LaChasse the one who made the decision to let the second suspect not get medical attention and die on the street?


The one guy involved– the other one, the white guy — went to Burbank Adult School in the late 80s – early 90s. He was a big, hulking, serious kid who looked and acted like he was about 20 years older than his age. He was always standing up looking off into the distance quiet and cool.

He never picked up his diploma after he graduated. It sat in the office drawer for years.

That’s the street:




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3 responses to “A Burbank guy

  1. Citizen Cane

    LaChasse did something right. Only a liberal would find sympathy for those bad guys. The cops did the best they could that day. Only bad guys died.

    • semichorus

      Judge, jury, and executioner, right?

      The most stupid thing about letting that guy die is that HE COULD HAVE TOLD THEM WHERE THE OTHER 2 MILLION WAS THAT THEY STOLE.

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