Burbank’s soon-to-be Mayor Rogers is also an ordained minister




We just thought we’d give that City of Burbank Facebook page something to gaggle over, if they’ve run out by now of homeless to harass.

Oh, it’s true. He is. He’s actually married people, too.





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17 responses to “Burbank’s soon-to-be Mayor Rogers is also an ordained minister

  1. Anonymous

    Jailhouse weddings, no doubt . . .

    • semichorus

      Hey, it’s a trade. Give the guy a break.

      What I love is that he’s the one who likes to talk about other people’s wackiness.

  2. Anonymous

    Let us pray

  3. Anonymous

    Ordained by the satanic church no doubt, or is it the church of self worship that Rogers belongs to.

    • Anonymous

      The first chirch of Rogers. Rogers is your god and me thinks Bob Frutos is a member along with a few other lost souls but to most of us Rogers is the ordained minister of his own circus.

      • DixieFlyer

        Does Rogers even know where San Fernando Road ends and the Boulevard begins?

        His pals at the follower obviously don’t.

        They all rank right hip-to-jowl with the manager of the Hilton Hotel.

        Steven Tarn, the manager, said “he doesn’t know why it has taken Hilton so long to build one of it’s hotels in Burbank”?????

        We had an Airport Hilton that changed the name to Marriott!!!!!!

        Our organ of “local community news” wouldn’t know the difference, and if they did the editor wouldn’t know either.

        • semichorus

          I’ve made that mistake too about San Fernando. That’s ok, I used to know people who still called it “Tenth Street.”

          I think these companies start having second thoughts about Burbank.

  4. Chewy

    He should team up with Father David Parole and do a show on TBN. They could make little Mike “Pink Panties” Nolan their alter boy sidekick.

  5. chad

    So is Kris Jenner.

  6. The Green Menace

    Although unrelated to Burbank, this video reminds me of when Semi used to really show the BS our city gov tried to push on us.

  7. Anonymous

    Rogers is an atheist. So what if he has the power to marry people? What difference does that make?

  8. Anonymous

    Will is a pathetic creature devoid of compassion and empathy. He’s simply a wasted soul looking to justify his twisted view of things. He as mayor is gonna be a major cluster fuck! He will polarize the “ordinary citizens” like never before. God help him, cuz the likes of me have every intention of bringing him down hard simply by using his own actions and words against him.

    • semichorus

      Well, I think he’s just a bumptious mediocrity. Does he have any ideas, any consistent point of view?

      Any goals?

      • Dina

        One goal is to venerate Dave Golonski as if one on the Cross.
        Another is to learn to stop attacking those residents that appear at City Council meetings to speak their minds.
        And last, to take speech lessons in an attempt to unscramble thoughts.

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