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February 26, 2017 · 9:29 pm

28 responses to “The Paper of Record

  1. Danielle

    “Lover Come Back”

  2. really

    From the producers, actors and directors of FAKE NEWS comes the latest in absolute mess ups, a first in a long Oscars history. They announce the wrong film as best film of the year. Proving once again the media really is in LA LA LAND

    • semichorus

      Are you aware that “fake news” was and is used to describe what Breitbart and the alt-right does?

      Do you even know what it is?

  3. Theresa

    Again we get fake news from the fake media. I really have difficulty believing much of anything that comes out of these people anymore. Just how hard is it to get the name of the best picture right ? They have done it for many years but now they get just about nothing right when they announce things. How pathetic these people are.

  4. Marco

    Joy Villa soars on the charts after appearing at the Grammys in here Make America Great Again dress on the red carpet.

  5. Al in SoCal

    Here’s some REAL news from the GOP heartland:

    “A Kansas man who allegedly shot two Indian men and one bystander last week bragged of shooting “Iranians,” the Associated Press reported on Monday. Adam Purinton of Olathe, Kansas allegedly opened fire on the two Indian men after shouting “get out of my country,” and injured a white male who attempted to intervene.”

    Typical Trump supporters – hate hate and more hate. So much so, that they can’t figure out who to shoot. How about this … it’s not their (your) country … it’s OUR country. No doubt many Trump-ites are snickering at the mistake of their fellow MAGA supporter … too bad the families of the slain and ignorant perps must suffer the consequences.

    Kansas: 57% Trump / 36% Clinton

    The picture is worth a thousand words:

    • semichorus

      I’ve always really, really hated Republicans. Their natural psychological makeup has led to this.

      It’s all about authority, hatred, and denial with them. Oh, and money. Without exception. Only the combination of those elements will differ individually.

      • OccupiedCalifornia

        and yet you voted for one … Bob Frutos. So did I. Biggest mistake of my Burbank voting history.

      • Anonymous

        And all indians scalp people, right? …given your silly stereo-typing then all liberals deface property and protest by physically hurting others. I thought more of you than what you and Al have both shown with your posts. Sad, but laughable!

    • Jerry

      Al and Semichorus I went on a google search reading about this Alan Puritan guy. No where did I find any statement that he is a Republican or that he even voted for Trump. Next you liberals will blame the murder of Matthew Shephard on Trump. Since you like to jump to conclusions with no facts I will return the favor. News reports quote law enforcement as saying he is a suspected supremacist and they are not sure it is a hate crime yet. So playing I am you I will say anothet Democrat Klan member and a response to the video Hillary made to encite violence.

      • semichorus

        I blame the murder of Matthew Sheppard on the kind of people who support Trump.

        • Kim

          Semichorus that just says little if anything has ever changed in the Democratic party. You are the people of stereotypes that lock in deep rooted judgements of people. The tradition is strong and lives on from the days of the Dems creating the Klan. The means have changed but the locked in prejudices remain so strong in liberal thought, and so much time wasted in hate and justification if that prejudicial thought process.

      • Al in SoCal

        Let’s ALL remember that one and *ONLY* David Duke supported none other than Donald “healthcare is complicated” Trump. It wasn’t too long ago that the same type of people were counting “illegals” outside of the U-Haul on Alameda. As if that person knew who was not here legally – let me guess: brown skin?

        If you want to live with blinders on as to who incites (correct spelling) this type of behavior, no problem – ignorance begets ignorance.

        Psuedo-religious nuts were the cause of Matthew Shepard’s murder. Pop Francis has a great quote out: It’s better to be an atheist than a bad Christian – many … MANY should heed his words.

  6. chad

    Yeah, it didn’t take Trump that long to blame the flub on the people making fun of him instead of concentrating on the show. He kept commenting on the lack of “glamour.” Apparently, he’s tweeted for years about the Oscars and commented on people’s appearance. This is the President of the United States who spent his time being snarky about the way people look. He still does it of course. This petulant baby then turns around and says without any self awareness that “non one knew how complicated health insurance was.” I think “no one” applies to only one – him. He probably thinks Fences won best film.

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