What would happen if a local Marxist-Leninist Man-Boy Love group suddenly decided to start a Facebook page entitled “City of Burbank”?

The thought of such a thing is delightful, isn’t it? Especially if it was a “closed group.”

You can imagine the wailing and lamentation. Half the city attorney’s office would be in court the next day at 8 a.m., and the other half would be flying to Facebook headquarters with injunctive threats and paperwork in hand.

It would certainly be proof that this town wantonly picks and chooses just who can operate under their name.

Somebody should really try to do it if they can figure out how to get around Facebook’s policy sheet. It’d be fun to watch the meltdown.



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28 responses to “What would happen if a local Marxist-Leninist Man-Boy Love group suddenly decided to start a Facebook page entitled “City of Burbank”?

  1. DixieFlyer

    Our City Council is in the process of granting another RAISE to our so-called City Attorney.

    She is not only unable or incapable of protecting the Corporate Name of our Fair City, but she’s the same inadequate attorney responsible for the recent $50,000 “giveaway” for a political campaign–as many of us have learned.

    Her remedy is to “change” the agreement–the same agreement that she was urging our City Council to extend for “years”.

    Now she recomends “wholesale” changes???????

    Raise? Fire her worthless ASS.

    • semichorus

      And her changes won’t change the general problem, which is that T-BIDs are public entities subject to the laws for public entities.

    • Anonymous

      My god Mike. You really hate women.

      • semichorus

        He’s right about her.

      • DixieFlyer

        When you watch your City carefully for a number of years, you learn to appreciate the men and women who make a positive difference.

        Amy Albano hasn’t even tried to demonstrate that she CARES.

        When you have done your homework Anon, you will have learned that many of us have successfully supported men AND women who have made that positive difference.

        Until then don’t bother sharing your ignorance.

      • Anonymous

        February 25, 2017 at 9:09 pm
        My god Mike. You really hate women.”

        Oh please, that’s such a playing the woman card thing to say. Take off your female glasses and see the words for what they are….gender non-specific!

        • semichorus

          It’s also incorrect. There’s lots of good reasons to criticize Albano. She makes Barlow look like Oliver Wendell Holmes– even in the good faith department.

  2. Jude

    What if a facebook page for Burbank began is your question ? I think most of the sane people in the city facebook page now would join the new one in second.

  3. BURBANK Bill

    Telemonte wrings his hands about the pending budget crisis. Well gee, we spent over 300k on Mark Scott , who didn’t even see it 2 years,and we are in the hook for Albano EX husbands health insurance. That is absurd and huge waste of money

  4. Anonymous

    That facebook page is really under your skin, eh?

  5. chad

    I can see it now, MLMDLA!!! Burbank Chapter. With its patron saint, Allen Ginsburg, singing on the “record player” at every meeting!! Let it rip Allen!!

    • semichorus

      That dude is just so full of shit. He’s “living apart from his wife” who lives an only 45-minute drive from SB — and that was supposedly why he left Burbank!

      He’s also trying to use this relocation threat to upbid them on the contract.

      Hope if he does go to Reno he can find acceptable lodgings. It was so terribly difficult for him to find them here, we know…

      • Anonymous

        Semichorus when you only make 300,000 a year it is very hard to fund acceptable housing. I wonder if Rogers feels that Albano needs a raise to survive, I’m sure she is just so poor.

  6. Anonymous

    The City of Burbank website talks about “everyone,” but still, it’s closed…
    “This group has been created to bring together the Facebook community that calls the wonderful city of Burbank, home! The brainchild of Burbank City Councilman Jess Talamantes, this group should serve as a virtual community forum that promotes open communication between residents, provides community news/updates and ultimately establishes one more avenue of bringing our community closer! This modern tool of communication enables everyone from B.U.S.D. students and faculty, to burbank residents and even city officials to exchange ideas, and information in real time.” WTF?

    • semichorus

      “But only the ones we like.”

    • Anonymous

      “The City of Burbank website talks about “everyone,” but still, it’s closed…”

      No it doesn’t. It only lets those that Scott T. and Jess T. approve get talked about. That has been proven many times. EXAMPLE, right now you post a candidate post citing a council candidate…it’s gone, deleted baby! Why? Cuz Scott T. says so, even though there is no official guidelines for posting. BTW, Daddy is running for office so that is why he Daddies boy want allow any dialogue. Scared it will hurt Daddies chances….damn that truth.

      • semichorus

        It’s just so blatant, isn’t it? Just shameless.

        In any decent town this stunt of theirs would be instant grounds for a defeat at the polls.

        I tell ya, you can never run out of material around here.

  7. chad

    I’d like to point out that the two CMs before Ron Davis left to “CM” other cities for less compensation.

    • BURBANK Bill

      Yes chad, but the ill-tempered Mark Scott left with a fat wallet , the city paid out his contract. And just how much did we pay a recruiting firm to find that turd.

    • Anonymous

      Ron Davis isn’t CM’ing, he’s simply riding time, making sure all his developer buddies get their mega projects approved before he high tails it out of town to his house in Washington state.

  8. chad

    Burbank Bill. Burbank did not pay out his contract. Please tell me that ain’t so. He quit.

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