BurbankViewpoints interviewed the We♥Burbank developer about that ridiculously bloated IKEA project, and came away with this nugget:

Impact on schools. After conversations with the superintendent, the developers were under the impression that Burbank High School could handle any influx of students. We shared our impression, as parents, that in fact the Burbank high schools are overcrowded and resources are stretched thin. They pointed out that the school tax on construction — which goes directly to the schools and not into the general fund — might help mitigate this problem.

While this was not said, my impression after looking at the plans, is that these apartments are not intended for families anyway so it’s unlikely we’ll see an increase in school-aged children. With an on-site gym, a rooftop pool, and a shared-workplace facility, they seem to want to appeal to young professionals. (In my opinion whether the rare millennial who can afford $2000/month one-bedroom apartment will opt to live in Burbank instead of in Silverlake or off-Sunset remains to be seen, but that is beyond the purview of this discussion).

2K a month ain’t that much for a one-bedroom any more. Anywhere. And even if it is a lot to pay, the place will still be full of kids — especially if these studio singles flee Burbank for Atwater.

Why is that?

Remember when that fancy pool-on-the-roof and Nautilus-ready apartment house opened on Olive and Sixth back in the late 70s? They said the same thing about its lack of appeal for families. But when the courts finally ratified the illegality of “adults only” apartment houses in California this same joint immediately filled up with kids. The pool’s long gone but the families are still there.

And on what planet is this BUSD superintendent living on? A thousand + units and not much impact on BHS?




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  1. Char Tabet and Larry Applebaum both stated in the League of Women Voters forum that our high schools are at capacity. The middle schools could absorb an influx but not the high schools. So the superintendent misspoke or the the developer is full of shit.

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