Is the Burbank Police Department going to be engaging with the new immigration enforcement orders?

All feel-good hype aside, will any of our council members be asking this important question? Will they be satisfied with the answer? Or will they instead take their proper leadership role seriously and actually set police department policy for the city? It might be a first if they do.

Chief Bratton was just on MSNBC right now. He thinks that most local police departments probably won’t go along with Trump on this, and shouldn’t. Our prediction is that the BPD will instead become active and enthusiastic immigration agents for the federal government.

Why? Because it’s in the blood. But as a department they’ll definitely be in the minority here, unless you live in Oklahoma or rural Ohio or some other backwater joint. That’s something to emulate, eh?

Remember, this is the same town which let Tom Angel slide by on his obviously bigoted and incredibly ignorant and hostile emails about Muslims and Mexicans. And without a peep of protest from any of our current council members.

They even let Albano ridiculously claim that none of that noxious crap was sent to other Burbank employees, or came back from any. Yeah, right.

It’s just that kind of town. It’s always been that kind of town.



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18 responses to “Is the Burbank Police Department going to be engaging with the new immigration enforcement orders?

  1. Rosie

    Stop with the fake news !

  2. Star

    They even let Albano ridiculously claim that none of that noxious crap was sent to other Burbank employees, or came back from any. Yeah, right.

    Do you even see how foolish you look and sound ? First the emails were not sent to other employees and second I thought you were making the point that Burbank should defy the law and declare itself a sanctuary city so if you promote that I think it is obvious that you promote all other types of crime as well.

    You are looking like a crazy person now.

    • semichorus

      There is no way in HELL that Tom Angel only sent that crap to outsiders. Or that he didn’t get any back from his fellow Burbank employees.

      Albano & Co obviously hid the evidence because they knew that the fallout from it would probably (or most certainly):

      a) hurt them in court with current and future discrimination lawsuits, and,

      b) cause the FBI to take a re-look at the department.

      Fortunately, the LASO saw what the problem was and fired the guy.

      Are people in this town stupid?

  3. Tom

    I was a fan of this blog but you seriously need to lay off the drugs and or alcohol. The ramblings here are like those of Will Rogers. Is Rogers writing this blog now ?

  4. Jan

    This is really starting to irritate me. I don’t see ICE agents all over Burbank and I don’t see Burbank Police setting up check points but I do see many problems with our streets falling apart and our parks and sidewalks in disrepair oh and people driving in residential neighborhoods like they are on the freeway.

    Can you stop trying to make a problem where do not have one and focus on the problems we really have ???

    We seem to have a city hall and some candidates that want to turn Burbank into Los Angeles I don’t need a blog that wants to turn us into Los Angeles too.

    • semichorus

      How do you know there isn’t a problem with this?

      And btw, Burbank did used to have actual roadblocks into town where they’d detain Hispanic drivers and check them out. They were on the Burbank/Sun Valley border on SF Blvd.

      So there’s a history there. It was documented in the Leader, too. They also used to go into local convenience stores and take into custody for the INS the clerks they suspected were illegal.

      I personally saw this happen once at Convenient Food Mart on Glenoaks and Santa Anita. The cops came in and hauled a guy off for immigration violations right in front of me, and he was back at work in 3 days (he wasn’t illegal, and so the INS didn’t take him).

      The Burbank cops just did it. And then when a few years later they got into trouble for the Portos mess, etc. etc., everyone in town said, “No!”

      Not in Burbank!

      Clearly, Albano, the BPD, and the city council members have a decision to make. Are they going to become immigration agents and do what Trump wants?

      The answer I think is obvious: it’s yes, they will. But of course they’ll all lie about it if asked. And, play their usual dumb act.

      • R.T.

        Documented in the Leader, really who trusts the Leader as a source for anything Semichorus. Is that the same Leader where half the content written to form public opinion cane from convicted felon Rogers ??? What a joke.

      • What year did they have these roadblocks? Do you have photos or a reliable source you can cite besides “I personally saw this?”

        After all, Donald Trump saw thousands of muslims cheering on 9/11 in New Jersey but I don’t exactly take him at his word either.

        • semichorus

          Early 2000s. They were pulling over cars on SF past Hollywood Way to check their papers. Without PC. Completely illegal.

          It was in the Leader.

  5. Aonymous

    Portos had nothing to do with an immigration raid it had to do with an armed robbery

    • semichorus

      It had to do with pounding the shit out of Mexican suspects.

      And then completely hiding the news story. Which NO ONE on the council asked about, btw — about how and why the news of this big robbery was kept quiet.

      Portos was the last straw for business-as-usual Burbank.

      • Truth

        The susoects and peros at Portos were not Mexican they were SALVADORANS and members of MS13 gang. Stop with the fake news Semichorusm

  6. Aonymous

    Liberals need to check themselves, check their intolerance, check their self centerdness, and check their inability to have a dialogue with anyone but themselves.

    • semichorus

      Considering that Hillary won the popular vote, and that Democrats make up the majority of the electorate, it appears that the right wingers are the ones who need to “check themselves.”

      • Sal

        Check yourself Semichorus our system works on wlectiral votes and it does for a reason. Check Mate Semichorus. Trump won and it’s President Trump.

  7. Aonymous


  8. Betty

    I am completely opposed to this sanctuary city nonsense.

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