Alternate name: Redevelopment Zone

This management crowd just doesn’t quit, do they? From today’s Leader about recent grants received:

In Burbank, a more esoteric effort was awarded $375,000. The city wants to research the viability of a state financing method that could be used to build infrastructure in a commercial-industrial area known as the Golden State district near Hollywood Burbank Airport.

Esoteric, hell. It’s a blatant attempt to get around Sacramento’s prohibition on RDAs.

The California Legislature has made it perfectly clear that there’s to be no more local government top-down redevelopment zones. In any fashion or subterfuge. 

Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts are community-development tools available as a way for cities to potentially capture the growth of property values in designated areas and invest the money from that growth into the city’s infrastructure.

“There’s lots of caveats to [the financing districts], which is why we want to study it, and this tool hasn’t really been used in California yet. It’s still somewhat new,” said David Kriske, Burbank’s assistant community development director.

What “infrastructure”? The whole thing sounds sleazy and underhanded. You can’t do that in this way without also having economic control over what goes on there.

I.e., a new Redevelopment Agency. No matter what they want to call it.

This city doesn’t get the point of it all, do they? They didn’t like that big change several years ago and they’re still in denial.



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10 responses to “Alternate name: Redevelopment Zone

  1. Carol

    Thanks for that video Anonymous. Hillary Clinton talked past everyone and not to anyone. That’s my opinion.

  2. Ed

    So MSNBC thinks it is their job to “control what people think”, and Msnbc admits it. MSNBC is fake news.

  3. queenie

    Have you seen the crime results in Burbank Leader? Rape crimes gone up 189%, property crime 12%, aggravated assault 38%. What’s going on? I never see cops patrolling like they used to.

  4. chad

    Hey, Anon, have you ever read The Communist Manifesto?

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