So how will the BPD be cooperating with the Trump administration’s new immigration enforcement orders?

Is anyone on the council going to be asking this question? Are they going to follow state law, or Trump? Whose side is the membership on?

Why too doesn’t Burbank consider becoming a sanctuary city? You have the balls to bring this idea up, Will?



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24 responses to “So how will the BPD be cooperating with the Trump administration’s new immigration enforcement orders?

  1. Fan

    I don’t understand why Burbank needs to become a sanctuary city. Can’t we just leave that issue to the pandering cities?

  2. DixieFlyer

    The recent Resolution on Immigration passed by the Board of Education needs to be discussed at this point.

    While President OBama actually Deported more warm bodies than ANY Modern Day President, there is NO evidence that Burbank Schools were adversly impacted.

    A review requested covering the last EIGHT years (O Bama) disclosed a big fat ZERO on Immigration incidents on BUSD sites.

    As stated previously, the Housing cost$ sure don’t encourage illegals.

    • semichorus

      I know. The whole thing’s just a feel-good PR move.

      It’s not even a real protection. The super gives himself discretion to allow entry.

  3. K.F.

    Here is a great example of just what sort of things are happening with illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. I love how the comment is made “what will happen to her family’ ” Every crime has consequences on the family so it is time to stop with this ‘what about the family” when it comes to illegal immigrants. What about all the kids who’s parents are in prison ? Should we close all prisons and not disrupt families ? When a crime is committed there are consequences and we all know that fact.

    • semichorus

      What crimes have they committed? Being here illegally, and all that goes with it?

      How convenient. They’re criminals, so toss them out!

      You people are such fucking assholes. There’s a special place in Hell waiting for you.

  4. Doug

    Semichorus, there are federal laws regarding entry into the country, like all other laws it is a criminal act to disregard them. I would make this point. Do we simply chose which laws we enforce and which we do not ? Do we chose which groups of people do not need to follow the laws ? It seems to me that this is exactly what sanctuary cities are attempting to do. Now I ask you this. If a city council votes to disregard some laws why can’t we as citizens decide to disregard the laws that the same city council passes. What you propose here is not equal protection under the law where laws apply to everyone equally but you propose a special protected class from criminal prosecution based on race. That my friend is not compassion it is infact racism.

    • semichorus

      Undocumented immigrants come from all races. Not hassling them has nothing to do with race.

      Sanctuary cities don’t check people’s residency status. No one. That’s it.

  5. Anonymous Burbank

    SAYING “You people are such fucking assholes.” Iis just so typical of a progressive liberal. Never able to actually make a coherent point you liberals throw your little temper tantrums and insist that it is your way and only your way and throw slurs and insults while adding you are the tender caring people. You progressive liberals are so transparent in your hatred and your bigotry so keep talking and showing all of us just who you really are you intolerant individual.

    • semichorus

      We don’t like lies, stupidity, and destructiveness.

      Plus, the majority of the people in this country agree with Democratic policies and ideals.

  6. Bill Clinton

    For those who just can’t get over it, this blog/newssite with fresh daily content was created as if Hillary won. I feel your pain!

  7. Fan

    If an illegal gets arrested then I think they should run an immigration check and hold them.
    The police doesn’t have time to ask everyone up and down the street.

  8. chad

    Hey Semi, it’s O’Bama.

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