Don’t believe the current hype: the BPD does indeed inquire about the immigration status of selected targets

Something btw that the LAPD does not do. 

If LA cops are called upon the scene in some criminal or traffic matter they don’t suddenly add to the problem by going off topic and acting like the official immigration patrol. By express LAPD policy they completely stay out of this area. 

So does the NYPD, and even so vigilant a law-and-order guy as Rudy Giuliani supports this policy. In fact, he initiated it years ago.

When LaChasse and the BPD claim that Burbank only goes into immigration matters as part of other situations (not as “sole”), all he’s saying is that his department doesn’t violate state law by pulling people over just to check their papers.

Unlike LA, Burbank though will often use the individual police calls as an opportunity to roust suspected illegals about their status. They then turn them over to the federal authorities if there’s any doubt about what’s going on. And they’ve been doing this for years.

This is not appropriate behavior for a local police department, and it’s also counterproductive to good and effective law enforcement. Inquiring about immigration status both creates fear in and antagonizes the very community they’re sworn to protect. 

Such a policy also has its roots in bigotry. Think the city council cares?

From the Leader article:

The Burbank Police Department is not affected by this [Trump executive] order,” Losacco said. “We will continue detention, arrest and jail procedures as usual.”

According to Burbank police policy, a person’s immigration status should not be the sole basis of contact or arrest unless it proves relevant to a criminal offense of investigation.

How would immigration status be relevant? A crime is a crime on its own. Being illegal is a criminal offense too, and so an “investigation” into this status alone could indeed make it “sole” cause for arrest or detention..

The council needs to pin down LaChasse about exactly how and when the BPD checks on the immigration status of contacts. And then ask around. People like Rogers who claim that they care about these sorts of policies and police behaviors need to care in public.

Interesting thing about that Leader article. Notice how no one official would go on record about these practices and policies? Or even talk to the reporter?



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31 responses to “Don’t believe the current hype: the BPD does indeed inquire about the immigration status of selected targets

  1. Ed

    Um so Semichorus you ever been stopped by a cop ??? They usually check everything on you once stopped, even your pockets so why would it be different for illegals as you said a crime is a crime.

    • semichorus

      They don’t check my citizenship papers.

      If the cops hassle people about their status they’ll lose their cooperation. And why should they care anyway?

      It comes across as anti-Mexican, which it is.

      • Jeff

        Cops do and always have checked into everything and anything that seems suspicious. If you had 3,000 in your pocket they would check into where you got it. If you were stopped and could answer no qyestion because you speak no English and produce no id don’t you think they just might look into why. Or are you suggesting they just forget the whole thing and maybe write you a John Doe ticket ? Serious you have no id and you can’t talk they can’t give you a ticket so they take you in.

        • semichorus

          Take you in for what?

          Is not speaking English a crime? Not carrying identification papers?

          Since when?

          And why did they stop you?

          • Anonymous

            Are you playing dumb or are you really dumb ? I \ read Jeff said they stopped you for something else and when you could not speak or produce ID they took you in and not because you didn’t speak English. Your such an Einstein, did it ever occur to you that some people tell cops they have no id and don’t speak English when they do have id and they do speak English but they know they are wanted for something. This is just a stupid topic.

      • 91505

        Cops don’t exactly get cooperation now in many parts of Los Angeles crimes go unsolved because everyone says I saw nothing. I have heard this argument and it really is absurd.

  2. Jeff

    Dude let me spell this our\t for you right here.

    So a cop is on patrol. A vehicle speeds by and runs a red light. If the cop is doing his job the lights come on and he makes a stop.

    So cop approaches vehicle and driver does not speak English, or at least claims not to speak English. The driver does not have any id.

    Cops do not write the ticket if the cop is unable to establish who the person is, and it becomes (or should become) the same as when a driver refuses to sign the ticket agreeing to appear.

    No id, no ticket so it means the person gets taken into custody. It really is simple or are you proposing that in that case they say oh well we will just forget the violation and let them go. Sorry but in a number of sanctuary cities they do just shake their head and let them go. THAT IS WRONG.

    • semichorus

      It’s easy. You either give him a ticket or take him in for no license/dangerous driving.

      What you DON’T do is make an issue of his residency. It’s irrelevant.

      So why are they asking about it? Why aren’t they making it an issue for EVERYONE then? Including white people? Cops who do this are just being prejudiced assholes.

      Worse, a community that fears being hassled or detained by the police are NOT going to cooperate with them. They’ll avoid all contact instead. That helps no one.

      Rudy knows this, and so does Chief Bratton, etc.

      No sanctuary city btw lets traffic violators off. They just don’t make their residency status an issue. That’s it.

      Where do you people get these incredibly ignorant ideas? Who’s talking about not enforcing traffic laws?

  3. Ants

    The problem here in America is that people has been brainwashed with the liberal/progressive mentality to further the political agenda of the globalists. We have now a bigger issue than these muslim jihadists, the lunatic and stupid liberals that are causing a lot of problems that can cause, God forbid, a civil war.. I think that is exactly what the globalists want, order (NWO) from chaos.

  4. Joe

    Semichorus says “How would immigration status be relevant? A crime is a crime on its own”

    Yes and being her illegally is a crime.

    • Anonymous

      Mere unlawful presence in the country is not a crime. It is a violation of federal immigration law to remain in the country without legal authorization, but this violation is punishable by civil penalties, not criminal. After deportation, a second violation becomes a crime.
      I have a friend from S. Korea who came here as a child. He is a “resident alien” with a green card. He got arrested for fighting in the Fry’s parking lot about six years ago. Some agency put an immigration hold on him while he was in County jail. He had to see a federal judge to fight deportation proceedings. His criminal record was otherwise clean. He’s still here, but I guess he’s at risk of deportation under Trump.

  5. Gary

    You people never went to college ? What sort of question is that ? Oh I see one must go to college and get indoctrinated with liberal bulls!@# in order to understand e\and be enlightened. Some of us went to college but we did not allow ourselves to be indoctrinated. There are many of us actually that did not fall for indoctrination.

  6. Anonymous

    “Worse, a community that fears being hassled or detained by the police are NOT going to cooperate with them. They’ll avoid all contact instead. That helps no one.”

    Check out gang infested areas of Los Angeles with illegal gang members, FACT they do not co-operate with the police end of story

  7. Steve

    I expect the police to enforce the law.

    • semichorus

      Immigration laws?

      If so, you can kiss goodbye the effective enforcement of all the rest.

      Do you people GET THAT?

      Rudy does. So does Chief Bratton. So do most police chiefs.

      Burbank? We shall see. I fully suspect not though.

  8. chad

    Hey, Ants, read my lips. Most things the average US citizen has benefited from have come from the Democratic Party. Move on.

  9. chad

    Beautiful Anon. That’s always the expected answer. Let’s talk about the modern parties. Say 20th Century and on. Historically, the parties have changed. And, BTW the Democrats post-Reagan suck but suck less than the Republicans.

  10. Citizen Cane

    If a cop stops a guy who is white, black, or Hispanic, and they all speak perfect English, have good identification, there is no reason to question citizenship. But if a cop stops a person who has no identification, does not speak English, and can’t prove who they are, I would say a cop is justified in starting to check for immigration violations. Liberals will say that all of the 4 people I described should all be treated the same. Go figure!

    • semichorus

      What business is it of the cop what the “citizenship” is? How is it at all relevant to anything?

      They should ask it then of anyone. That’d be fun. Who can prove THEIRS?

  11. Citizen Cane

    It is against the law to be an illegal alien in our country. Cops have a right and a responsibility to investigate crimes.

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