So exactly what is that new library “service model”?

Here’s a hint: it’ll be exactly what ever it takes to justify building a brand new facility across the street that wouldn’t be warranted in the absence of this same conveniently timed “model.”

And btw … if service to the Burbank community is an actual and legitimate concern here, how come this same Central Branch isn’t kept open on Sundays? You’d think that would be close to No.1 on the list of good things to do now, wouldn’t you?  And not too hard to accomplish.

It’s all kind of inconsistent, isn’t it? Not doing what you can right away? The better word perhaps is “hypocritical.”

One building that many people would like to see updated is the Central Library, which opened in 1963. Goldman said that talks about modernizing that facility have been going on for years, even as far back as 1989.

“This year, we’ll be updating [that] set of options to match our new service model, demonstrating what level of service would be possible within either the existing building, the existing building with a small addition or in a new, potentially larger building on a different site,” she said.

If you read the actual survey you’ll see that the major concerns of the public are access and materials. Not rec rooms, community centers, 3D printers. ESL classes, or more sitting room for coffee klatches and entrepeneurial-minded moms on the make.

But who’s reading these days. Right?



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12 responses to “So exactly what is that new library “service model”?

  1. Sharon

    I do believe a new library is needed and more open gathering space along with a greater emphasis on ESL materials and space will be required to assist with the future inmigrant growth in Burbank. A gardening center of community garden also must be part of a library for the future

    • semichorus

      There will certainly be no need for fertilizer. Locally sourced, too.

      • DixieFlyer

        The “future immigrant growth” in Burbank will require much higher pay and somewhat of an “adjustment” in the Housing Costs.

        As for Gardening, the transportation costs from Burbank to Delano or Fresno make that kind of “job training” impractical.

        Where are they planning to put the Taco Stand, first or second floor?

        • DixieFlyer

          BTW, the real Sharon had a last name of Cohen.

          • semichorus

            Isn’t she the one who got rid of the Western Collection in the back room in order to expand their private offices?

            And then — when challenged — piously claimed that it was about getting rid of those elitist “locked cases.”

            My response to this travesty back then was obvious: Unlock them then!

            What a disastrous library this has been over the last 20 years. Just totally irresponsible. And don’t even get me started about what they did to the Warner Collection — and then of course completely lied about its ultimate fate after it got “returned” to Warner Brothers.

            Nobody kept it “intact.” The truth is that nobody kept it at all.

      • Anonymous

        Good ‘un. Semi. Sharon will keep it “single sourced”

    • Anonymous

      Fuck ESL really. You look at the refugees notice something they all speak English. Lazy Mexicans should have learned English two generations ago they would of blended in by now.

      • June

        Sorry Dixie Flyer but HELLO SWEETIE there are plenty of jobs at Walmart, IKEA, Grocery Outlet and don’t forget the jobs coming soon at the new Target on Hollywood Way. No need for Delano sweet cakes, the jobs are rolling into Burbank fast.

      • DixieFlyer

        Well Junie, try reading for Comprehension.

        After the Library provides the “community garden” to train in where do you expect to “find” the Agricultural jobs????

        The housing costs are MUCH easier in those locations and WORK.

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