Affordable housing? Don’t count on Burbank to do anything about it

Nor homelessness, either. The comments from some of our individual council members last week (as recorded today in the Leader) show that the majority of them won’t even back a 1/4 cent sales tax increase for overnight shelters.

Welcome to the 19th century. On this one Talamantes and Frutos are totally correct, and Gordon’s being the lamebrain. Something has to be done about the problem, as it has been in other and more sophisticated communities.

Maybe it’s time to move. Here’s a handy site that’ll tell you where to get your application in and when. Note that Sonoma County (and Monterey) always has an open list. You can apply at any time.

There are much nicer places to live than Burbank. The old Rust Belt areas have some fantastic deals, especially for older folks who aren’t that old. Ever seen upstate New York? The weather’s not that bad (NYC’s been almost 70 degrees the last couple days). They also have more active and accessible housing lists where you don’t have to wait a hundred years to get situated.

Trust us on this one: Burbank’s a pit. Culturally it won’t get any better. The smart money’s heading out quick.



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9 responses to “Affordable housing? Don’t count on Burbank to do anything about it

  1. Dan

    Sure Semi add a 1/4 sales tax increase, think back on that extra added tax on hotel stays, that one sure got used right with the 50k gift to the airport measure B people now didn’t it. Keep adding those taxes, but just how much of it actually ends up ever accomplishing what we are originally told it will. Not much i’m afraid.

    • semichorus

      I’m all in favor of homeless shelters. If people disagree, then they need to stop complaining about all of the homeless around.

  2. Anonymous

    Frutos did not vote with Telamoron on this one go check the replay.

    • semichorus

      He initially spoke in favor of it, as quoted. They both did.

      Did the naysayers realize btw that the .25% goes to shelter housing? Do they have any concept how OTHER cities around the country handle the problem? They provide housing!

      • Anonymous

        Did you ever read the full proposition ? It is doubtful that in the end even your .25% goes to shelters. Right now all that tax money that comes in we all know a lions share goes to over inflated employee salaries and very inflated pensions. Heads up making in excess of 10,000 a month the Burbank City Attorney is asking for even more money. Don’t say it has nothing to do with anything, it has everything to do with this because it is how tax money is mismanaged at every level.

  3. Fern

    The problem in Burbank with section 8 is that long waiting lists are formed in order to only allowed desired people to get the section 8 vouchers. You see the fact you live in Burbank does not matter unless you are a favored person. Most of the section 8 goes to people from outside of Burbank because that fits the desired population by Burbank City Hall. Like everything else in Burbank the grand poohbah staff at City Hall gets what they want and they get it at our expense.

    • semichorus

      No, it goes to Burbankers. At least at first. It’s just that we never know what the RULES are when it comes to the exact selection process. Staff gets cagey about it whenever they’re asked about “the filters.” Gordon’s tried, and he gets doubletalk in response.

      Wanna make staff nervous? Ask them how many C-O-B Section 8 grants are transported out of Burbank. I’ll bet it’s +50 percent.

      Which means that our Burbank grants are eventually going to non-Burbankers. I wonder how many non-Burbank grants are going to Burbank landlords, too. I’ll bet not enough to make up the difference.

  4. Justin

    Do not vote for the developer ticket (Frutos and Talamantes) these two want to destroy affordable housing in Burbank by tearing it down and allowing developers (who do not even live here) to build high end luxury apartments and condos that congest our streets and destroy our community.

    Can we all say Talaria where Frutos and Talamantes gave the developer millions of dollars of city owned land at a fire sale price and allowed affordable units to be demolished and low income people to be thrown out to build an over priced super market and unaffordable apartments.

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