Grocery Outlet gives away free hamburgers, so Burbank shoppers complain about them

The WeLoveBurbank! Facebook page is currently citing complaints about how the free hamburgers that Grocery Outlet was giving away yesterday weren’t very good and didn’t come as part of a combo. Apparently they weren’t taking special orders on them either. 

Such small portions too no doubt.

Do Burbankers realize that this kind of behavior makes it impossible to attract decent businesses?  Who with any class would want to be here.



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6 responses to “Grocery Outlet gives away free hamburgers, so Burbank shoppers complain about them

  1. BURBANK Bill

    The in n out truck was there,and folks on talamontes Facebook page whined about the free food anyway.. unreal. It was FRIGGIN FREE! And tonight on that same Facebook page ,big long string rant about Dino pizza running outta dough. Like they’re aren’t 1000 other pizza places these fat slobs can order from… not to get preachy,but folks are stuck on flooded freeways,sinkholes in studio city, evacuated in Duarte, etc and this cunt rants about stupid pizza? And if you really read thru the comments, it cracks me up when people get offended so easily, they say Jess?. Like telemoron is reading every post , his dipshit son barely monitors the thing. ..

    • semichorus

      It was In N’ Out? That’s even crazier. Burbank people are sure spoiled-stupid.

      I’m glad I’m not there right now– I’ve heard the weather’s bad. In NYC it’s 62 degrees and breezy/balmy… with snow on the ground! Central Park’s a dream.

      • DixieFlyer

        Yep, they even bitch and moan about FREE In ‘N Out!!!

        Tellamoron babysit and run his campaign all at once.

        Next time they should try Turkey Burgers–and PAY

  2. Anonymous

    It’s always limited order off the In and Out truck. Even wrap parties get the same truck and options and no shakes!

  3. Al in SoCal

    So many cliches & quotes to put here regarding entitlement, making “everyone” happy (not), etc etc etc.

    I noticed on the Grocery Outlet mailer that it is “independently owned & operated”. A franchise grocery store … somewhat scary, but definitely what’s in line for us in the future (unfortunately).

  4. Mary

    Grocery Outlet will never survive once Whole Foods opens it’s doors. People in Burbank want healthy food,

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