For The Show that Never Ends



It’s the one part of the past that we wish would.




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6 responses to “For The Show that Never Ends

  1. DixieFlyer

    What happened to thje follower on the way to the PressRoom?

    SIX, repeat SIX pages, ad’s and all.

    Big front page story on Central Library–all a pitch for the staff.

    Confusing report on everything else.

    Also, they paraphrased Springer as our Big Budget Guru??
    When has she EVER used her time at a City Council meet to discuss the spending habits of City of Burank?

    BTW, she also wants to be an Airport Commissioner.

    The Commentary by the Council Person Laura is accompanied with an announcement that she represents La Canada-and La Crescenta????

    • semichorus

      And during an election week, no less.

      All this touching concern about the Central Branch and its patrons doesn’t (unfortunately) extend to keeping it open on Sundays.

      Which means that the real object of interest here is some shiny new building, and not the idea of a functional “library.” If they really cared about it they’d keep it open just like B/V.

      Such a royally screwed up value system this crowd has, and the missing hours thing proves it. That this new librarian also tries to evade the main conclusion of her much vaunted “survey” is hilarious.

      They want their new building, and they’re gonna steamroll over both the opposition and good sense in order to get it.

      • Elie

        The library needs to be a gathering place for people and Sharon understands this and will lead the way in getting rid of the old books.

        • semichorus

          Eat shit. You people aren’t funny.

          I only leave this stuff on here to show what this town is all about– like 70 or 80 percent of it. Hopeless, arrogant assholes and morons.

          • DixieFlyer

            More humor……………..

            Elie must have really missed Sharon since she retired?

            It’s the newbie that can’t recite our Pledge of Allegience.

    • Anonymous

      Laura Friedman does not sit on any city council, bright guy.

      Seriously Mikey, did you miss the last election?

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