Who needs Whole Foods? Burbank has Grocery Outlet!

We’ve been hearing today all about how the “We Love Burbank” Facebook wires have been burning up in anticipation of the grand opening of that new discount food outlet in town. How exciting, no?

Burbank obviously deserves little more. So why make the effort. Bon appétit, dipshits.

See anything good here? We thought so.


Our favorite is the Leading Brand Cheese Loaf. Hey, at least it gets them to stop bitching about IKEA.




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7 responses to “Who needs Whole Foods? Burbank has Grocery Outlet!

  1. Anonymous

    I get my Wolf brand Chili for a buck at Big Lots — oh darn, that’s a tax dollar spent outside of Burbank. So sorry Jess! Ha ha haaa

  2. Irwin Fletcher

    So is this joint aimed at the “I can’t afford Walmart, but I won’t shop from the back of a dilapidated bread truck on Lake Street” crowd?

  3. DixieFlyer

    Bring back Old Bill’s Ranch Market.

    • semichorus

      Open 24 hours!

      And Al’s Book Nook, too! Great magazine stand. I used to buy my old British film magazines there.

      Movie Maker, Filmaking, and Sight Sound. They also used to sell Soviet Life. I used to buy their big space issues.

      God, Burbank’s really hate-able now, isn’t it?

      Imagination a local population where there was a MARKET for those kind of things. I can even remember buying the official Condon UFO Report at 7-11 on Glenoaks and Cypress, right when it came out. Bantam Books I think.

      They’re swamp gas!

    • Roy Simison

      Nothing better than walking in the back door at Bill’s and getting hit with the smell of the donuts floating in circles in the fryer mixed with the smell of BBQ ribs.

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