So how come Burroughs can do it?

One of the mosr hilariously ludicrous things about these BHS Vocal Music defenders is that none of them can explain why it is that John Burroughs right down the street is somehow able to acquire for their own public shows all of the proper performance licenses and other legal niceties that this same group of VMA facilitators is spending way too much time trying to ridicule.

If Burroughs can do it, why can’t bloated BHS? 

They get pretty arrogant about it all, too. Speaking of which, there’s a boast going around right now that Carroll is back to his old teaching job at BHS, and so “nyah nyah nyah.” If so, how could that possibly be?

If true, the school board must be quite fond of the stripper-friendly curriculum going on over there. Tresona though did the rest of us a real favor by pulling back the covers. That joint needs a major academic overhaul.

Think they know how to do it? Or why?


Several days ago the law firm defending Carroll posted this celebratory news story on its webpage:

Apparently it’s been taken down. Anyone find it?



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19 responses to “So how come Burroughs can do it?

  1. Mr. Anon.

    Confirmation of Civil Rights investigation from recently re-instated teacher, Brett Carroll.

    • semichorus

      Interesting. I STRONGLY recommend that the complainant cross-file this with the State of California, probably with Fair Housing. Trump’s Dept of Ed is going to do nothing. That’s why DeVos is in there.

      Trust me on this people. They will conclude that nothing culpable occurred. Even if they do in San Francisco, the BUSD attorneys will just go upward to a politically appointed undersecretary on appeal and get it all dismissed. It’s inevitable. The Feds are now worthless.

      Why was the teacher reinstated, if so? It means the BUSD will do nothing about any of this unless forced to. No news there. Twas’ ever thus with that wacky institution. Only when the final hammer comes down and they’re threatened with immediate monetary sanctions do they EVER do what they’re told to do. Let alone what’s right.

      I’m still wondering too what happened to that (gloating?) news piece about the case on Carroll’s attorney’s own web page. There’s a URL for it and everything. All you get is a blank page where something once was.

    • semichorus

      Ah, the show must go on. What utter hypocrites these district people are. Why then was he ever suspended to begin with?

      I can only imagine the internal “investigation” they used to clear the guy, and what shill they paid to do it.

      Burbank: The Land of Expedience. Our values are as thin as our bookshelves.

    • Irwin Fletcher

      Just a headline? Where’s the story?

      • DixieFlyer

        Either hold your breath until Saturday’s edition of the follower or…

        tune in to tonite’s Burbank Board meeting at 6pm (Thursday)chasing butterflies

        If they aren’t too busy kissing the Union s asses, or investigating
        Immigration Agents non-activities or will shed some chasing butterflies, maybe they will shed some light on this LOCAL issue?????

    • Ann

      It is comical that the same parents so out to smear Greg Sousa are all silent or involved supporting this coach. Go figure right ? Nah it’s more about who they like at BUSD then it is about justice.

      • semichorus

        I agree. It’s inconsistent. We also have documentation on the BHS tackiness.

        Speaking of which, who did the district hire to clear this teacher to come back to the classroom? The same lawyer who cleared the Baez boss?

        • E.M

          Right who did they hire ? Maybe Albano was moonlighting from the city.

          • semichorus

            We’ll soon find out.

            They took the guy out of the classroom and put an “investigation” on him. That’s how it works legally — and they usually hire an outside attorney to do so.

            So he must have been cleared. Probably too got applause when he came back to campus.

            What total and complete clowns these people are. Are the BHS parents happy about this? How about those single moms with the best and most desirable stripper-type daughters?

      • Irwin Fletcher

        Is publishing details of Sousa’s legal issues really considered a “smear”? Wouldn’t we expect the same attention to detail for every candidate?

        • semichorus

          I think they’re referring to the whispering campaign.

          The phony, “If you only knew…”

          Which btw is illegal for district personnel and PTA leadership to be doing if there are MINOR students involved. Which there apparently are.

    • semichorus

      David and Goliath. Right. David hiding behind deep-pockets BUSD.

      This guy also libels Tresona when he claims that they’re copyright trolls. Tresona itself has standing on these materials, especially the one song. That’s not a troll.

      My response to this nonsense?

      1. Teachers don’t have a generalized fair use right to use copyrighted materials. And when they do, it’s in the CLASSROOM only.

      2. There’s no legal precedent for teachers (as public employees) to have qualified immunity in copyright cases.

      3. Carroll is lying about his “good faith” ignorance on copyright and fair use (in order to keep his supposed immunity) if he’s really claiming so, because I know for a fact that EVERY teacher in the BUSD is WARNED about getting proper clearance on copyrighted materials. NOTHING is presumed to be permit-able.

      When I was an employee there the teachers were constantly being warned about this. Later on as well too, per reports from friends and relatives still in the district.

      Being studio close, the BUSD has ALWAYS been very cautious about its use of copyrighted materials. They even used to run to Roy Disney to get his personal OK on things. So this “fair use, what me worry?” defense is bogus. BUSD teachers have taken extreme precautions on just showing the kids videos on rainy days.

      The judge’s ignorance about “fair use” and teaching is really extraordinary. It’s been well-established doctrine for years that any fair use rights that teachers have only apply to direct classroom use, and NOT paid performances. And even then it’s not unlimited. Burbank’s own policies to boot require strict approval from the administration.

  2. Irwin Fletcher

    Some parents who worked at Disney also got schools in trouble for showing Disney movies to their classes.

    • semichorus

      They used to be able to get projectors and 16mm prints to take home of every Disney film except Fantasia and Victory through Air Power. And only for home, yes.

      Victory through Air Power was in public domain because it was a free govt. commission during the war (they didn’t want knockoffs floating around they couldn’t control), and Fantasia was always in periodic re-release. There’s also some versions they don’t want out there.

  3. Mr. Liquer

    Isn’t it funny that Milo Yiannopolous can be recorded speaking about pedophilia and he loses his job, his invitation to CPAC, and a book deal, but the choir teacher at BHS writes about his penchant for attending bestiality shows and wondering if BHS has any male students who can lick their own balls, and he is returned to the classroom?

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