Restoring Excellence






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12 responses to “Restoring Excellence

  1. chad

    Billionaires talking about things that they really don’t care about but are bored and need something to do. I’ll bet DeVos had no idea who DuBois was until one of her staff suggested she mention him because Black people go to public schools.

    • Anonymous

      Chad, our schools are a mess. Personally I am glad to have change because the mindset we have had is failing.

      • Daniel

        Say chad, please tell us about your own family and diversity in school.
        You had to make decisions.
        Please share them with all of us.

        • Anonymous

          I read and then reread Daniels comment and just where does it attack you ? I just don’ attack at all in what he said unless you mean by commenting and not cheering you that is an attack in your mind.

  2. Sue

    Remember that if you voted for Friedman to replace Gatto then you voted for the candidate heavily financed by charter school billionaires. Check her flyers almost all of which were paid for by charter schools who run charter schools for profit.

    • semichorus

      That is a concern, yes. I was never a fan of hers in Glendale.

      • Edwin D.

        I did not vote for her because it was obvious with the big money behind Friedman that she is owned by Charter Schools so I will laugh at people when she furthers Charter Schools due to the fact they get what they voted for.

  3. chad

    Hey, Dan, instead of personally attacking me, let’s stick to the subject. Do you think DeVos is qualified to be Secretary of Education? If yes or no, why?

    • Daniel

      Yes, dear.
      Black people attend schools, how many are at your family’s school?
      Now adays you can attend in L.A. or Burbank.
      Which did you choose?
      That’s not attacking, it may be commiserating.

  4. Sharon

    Happy Valentines Day from a true star

  5. Sharon

    Joy Villa soars to number one on iTunes after her red carpet appearance at the Grammy’s

  6. chad

    So, Dan, you’re answer is no. You deserve what’s coming down the pipeline- lots of sewerage.

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