Election year pandering, stupidity, destructiveness, and a war on blue-collar businesses waged by backwater mediocrities

If that headline didn’t say it all, this one from the Leader today does:

Prompted by residents’ concerns, City Council OK’s appeal that blocks installation of paint booth

Since there’s no way that an auto body/restoration shop can operate without the ability to paint vehicles, and since Burbank has been the proud home of dozens of such businesses over the years — and that spray booths obviate the environmental problems that no one made any effort to prevent over those same many years — what the Burbank City Council has done here is levy a major “Fuck You” to our town’s traditional handicraft businesses. And for what in return?

South Pasadena? You think Burbank’s going to be a better place because of this decision?

Guys like upscale Rick Caruso won’t have anything to do with this town. He thinks Burbank’s a joke. You think studio chieftains are looking to live here? Even their executive assistants flee the joint as soon as they find something nice in Silver Lake or Atwater. Or even Pasadena.

And we hate to break it to this crowd of backwater lamebrains, but the environmental problems that result from a brake shop far outweigh the potential dangers of a single spray booth. You know what brakes are made of? The same phony concerns that arose over this current non-issue will soon be used against those other “ugly” businesses, a description that former Councilperson Stacy Murphy once made against them. She wasn’t alone, either.

Burbank is just bound and determined to get rid of everything it used to be good at, isn’t it? And because you no longer get the better or best people moving in here like you sort of used to post-war, the replacement’s gonna be crap. It won’t even be piss-elegant like Glendale.

So tomorrow night … let’s keep dumbing down your once great Central Library! You’re on a roll, council! You can’t break stride now.

(You know, if you were any better or more competent or educated people in general, you wouldn’t still be living in Burbank. Everyone on the outside knows that. This especially applies to the one who thinks he’s the most august one up there. His day — if it ever was — was in the past. He belongs in the new Burbank.)

We’re going to be pinning this to the top for a while because it illustrates our reliably bleak view of the current state of life in Burbank. There’s really no denying it.

For those who happen to care about books — presuming we’re still addressing the interests of the Burbank public here, which is always doubtful– Book Culture in New York City has gotten in a pretty nice selection of high-quality and academic and arts and music remainders. It’s a great opportunity for our local libraries to help build up their book collection at minimal cost.

They won’t take advantage of this of course, but we still thought it was worth a mention. To someone.



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69 responses to “Election year pandering, stupidity, destructiveness, and a war on blue-collar businesses waged by backwater mediocrities

  1. When you were pining for the good old (toxic) days in a previous post I pointed out to you that this case was an outlier. A couple of things: 1. The new business owners have not been good neighbors. They had been spraying without a booth and they got caught. 2. The previous automotive shop was friendly to the neighborhood, it’s the new owners who have made this place a problem – not the type of business. (that’s undeniable, not sure how you are missing this point made many times in the neighbor’s letters if you paid attention to the agenda packet) 3. It too close to schools for the residents comfort. As I said – an outlier. Special circumstances.

    • semichorus

      A spray booth will solve any and all problems. And it’s not close to the schools.

      This is only the beginning of the neighborhood harassment. If people want San Marino, then they can move to San Marino.

  2. Anonymous

    Face it people the next time you think it is wacky and strange at a Burbank City Council meeting just be glad this lil mc rib girl has not shown up yet

  3. Al

    What we need in Burbank is a complete re-build. We need mixed use for live work environments and we need to re-build everything to make it all sustainable and environmentally friendly. Cars and shops that service them will soon be a thing of the past as we provide public transportation and walkable and bike-able streets and sidewalks. We do not need pollution from brake shops, paint booths or from cars. Burbank can be a leader in reinventing itself into a more positive city.

  4. CornFused

    I agree, it’s a shame what’s going on. These kind of businesses are becoming extinct. The old Electronic City not far from that shop, will open as just another shitty Little office space in a few months.

    The new “Grocery Outlet” opening this week on Verdugo fits this city perfectly.

    • Josh

      These kind of businesses NEED to go extinct they harm our environment.

      • Anonymous

        Wow how about cows? Your so up on damage to the environment cows are the biggest threat. Have you given up your Double Double?

    • Anonymous

      Grocery outlet will be more popular than Whole Foods which most people in Burbank can not afford so check your privlege.

      • Jen

        So true Walmart is a true blessing for many of us, i buy most of my groceries there. More affordable and same freshness and name brands for less. Makes my pay check go further and it is a blessing.

      • CornFused

        I think you missed the point. I’m not overly concerned about where and why you pick places to shop, I was referring to “better known/higher end” stores passing on Burbank.
        You can buy your green oranges at the .99 cent store for all I care.

  5. chad

    Jen, Walmart is like steroids. A responsible doctor will prescribe steroids for limited, shot term use. Steroids can work very quickly and get the desired results but you can’t use them long term because they are really bad for your overall biochemistry. Walmart is great for a deal but long term undermines workers ability to make a decent living. Walmart executives and stockholders do great. Workers get crushed. So, when you’re buying stuff from Walmart consider the significant exploitation that takes place on a daily basis across the country and world and most of that takes place on the backs of people making lousy wages and crappy benefits so we can save a few bucks in groceries. I’d rather spend a few extra bucks knowing the people working at the store are making livable wages.

    • semichorus

      I always try to go to union markets, and refuse to use the self-serve lines. Trader Joe’s pays well, and I also try to use the union Costcos (like Burbank).

    • Anonymous

      so don’t work at Walmart Chad, after all it is a persons decision. If all Walmarts closed tomorrow what would the people who work there do exactly ???

  6. Al in SoCal

    Fear – far and away the best political return on investment. Take Example A – turn it into a global problem that needs to be “fixed” and the masses just eat it up. This is an area where our newest President does quite well.

    The small stuff like this is where it all got started, and even though you may think this doesn’t mesh w/ Trump’s vision of less regulation, it’s the same formula and neither side’s immune from using it.

    It’s interesting many of the zero-reg / libertarian fans here are applauding this. So, let’s all try to understand: Only when you don’t like something there should be a regulation for it – right? Just trying to understand your once-again ludicrous stance(s).

    • Anonymous

      Dear Al,

      The funny point to be made here is the fact that most people find your every condescending word ludicrous. A point in fact is how obvious your absolute lack of substance is on every issue. When challenged the best you have is never fact but personal attack. You sir are hallow and very small and simple minded.

      • Al in SoCal

        “When challenged the best you have is never fact but personal attack. You sir are hallow and very small and simple minded.” Your entire reply IS a personal attack.

        How about this, for everyone concerned: Please explain how your libertarian low-reg — no-reg viewpoints mesh with this type of business zoning micro-management.

  7. Burbank Gangster

    Lots o’ comments on the Target Express tonight!

    • Anony Miss

      All this talk about Grandfathered retail use is a bunch of hog wash. A traffic study is not necessary because of blah, blah, blah. Hollywood Way and Magnolia Blvd. is a very dangerous place to drive. If you try to turn right on a red light, most often there is a hidden pedestrian ready to step in front of your car. The number of accidents there is phenomenal.

      Personally, I am outraged at the city of Burbank for bending their rules for inappropriate businesses and making others tow the rope. Anyone involved with the crap going on lately should be ashamed and replaced. Lately, it is purely disgusting what is going on in Magnolia Park. No wonder the public comment portion of city council is longer than the bulk of the meeting. People are disgusted!

    • Anonymous

      Traffic studies are done not only to control over congestion of traffic in different parts of the city but, for public safety. Even if a traffic study was requested in this spot and the city of Burbank has decided to do whatever they want, they would time the traffic study when traffic is at an all time low. I witnessed a traffic study lately being performed when traffic was at an all time low due to an extra day people had off for a holiday.

  8. Burbank Gangster

    The 50K!

  9. chad

    Anon, Walmart’s ultimate goal is for you to have no decision on where to shop. Their ultimate goal is to wipe out all the competitors who have to charge a little more because they take better care of their workers. Walmart’s end game is to have only one place to shop – Walmart. Would you rather have your kids work at Walmart or Costco? Think about.

    • Faux Fuddy Luddy

      give it a rest Chad. Costco and Walmart co-exist in many cities. No is forcing anyone to shop at Walmart. Or work there for that matter. And last time I checked, there are no mom and pop at Empire Center. And , there have been plenty empty storefronts on Magnolia, Burbank Bl , etc long before Walmart came to town

    • Anonymous

      Al there you go again. Insaniry is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Think about it Al

      • Anonymous

        “insaniry”? What the hell is that?

        • ANONYMOUS

          It is called a typo, most people could figure that out so must be nice to be insane when it comes to self importance like you are. I love the people who never can defend a position so they sink to picking on typos. Sorry but this is not a place where writing is turned in for a grade and some of us type fast unlike you who must have an abundance of time to nit pick

  10. Norma

    This is way too funny, a press conference on a fake twitter yesterday and a retraction issued today. Way to funny

    • semichorus


      It means that Flynn is a straight-ahead guy who did nothing wrong! He and Trump are A-OK, and there’s nothing that’s ever gone on with the Russians.

      Wait a minute … so why did Trump fire him…? I’m soooooo confused, stupid Dem that I am.

      • Maek

        Wait a minute why did Washington democrats take to tv all talking scapwgoat from what turned out to be a fake twitter account. Sorry but they were melting down retracting what they said yesterday. So did Pelosi find out who the president is yet ????

  11. chad

    Faux, do you have kids? Would you rather have them work at Costco or Walmart? and Why?

  12. Target/Costco/Walmart Shopper

    Hey Sharon Springer, Bob Frutos (left-wingers) here are your ‘anti-trump’ marching orders …

    • semichorus

      Left wingers?

    • Al in SoCal

      Bob is a Republican. That said, I know most of you prefer someone with a record of knowing what place women have in Trump’s America: Sousa

      • semichorus

        I’m not sure about that history. Some of these district people now are nuts– let alone nasty and retaliatory. There’s always two sides to these stories as well, and habitually siding with the wives and girlfriends relies upon putting them into a shrinking violet role in life, which is condescending.

        • Al in SoCal

          Let him make the records PUBLIC – ie. Police Report, etc.

          • Ellen

            Al my understanding is that the record is very public and the courts have dismissed the charges and Sousa is just fine. I can only hope for your sake Al that no one ever makes up some allegations against you, it really can happen to anyone anytime and the way to deal with it is in the courts. I can tell you this much, if you believe that no woman ever makes things up for their own advantage well I have a bridge to sell you as well.

            • Agreed. I have seen all the court documents in both the cases that these people are dragging up. I’m confident in my support of Greg Sousa after getting to know he and his family. Having seen the docs first hand the misinformation these district folks and political operatives are spreading is literally sickening to me. And Al the records are all public from my understanding. If you can’t find them – that’s on you.

              • HOWARD B.

                Greg Sousa is the best candidate running for city council.
                I voted for him and l will vote for him again!
                If anyone watched the Police Commission meeting this past
                Wednesday night about the owner of Romancing The Bean
                filing a false police report and telling a whole bunch of lies.
                The guy asked the police chief why didn’t he view the tape
                and clear him?
                The police chief just sat there like a bump on a log!

                • SUSAN

                  Howard B.,
                  This is the craziest story.
                  I believe the guy that he didn’t do the things
                  Romancing The Bean accused him of.
                  I heard on the City Council that she had accused
                  him of pooping outside of the toilet ! What gives?
                  It’s obvious to everyone that this did not happen and
                  the owner of R.T.B. had an ax to grind and made up
                  a story.Why didn’t the city or police review the tape
                  and clear this guy?
                  This is absolutely shameful that the city did not take
                  care of this matter.
                  I’m certain that if a police officer or a city council member
                  was accused of this, it would have been investigated and
                  the person would have been cleared. This small story
                  tells of the city and police corruption in Burbank.
                  I remember that a police officer told the merchant that she
                  saw him on tape at R.T.B.
                  Why isn’t this officer in trouble for lying? Why ? Why?

                • Rudy V.

                  At the last police commission meeting on February 15th.
                  The blond commissioner lady said that Burbank police
                  go the extra mile to check out situations like Ralph being
                  accused of something.
                  Is she for real?
                  They went the extra mile by their officer lying that she saw
                  Ralph on the tape and never investigating or clearing Ralph.

                  That police commission panel sitting there stone faced acting
                  like they were not really familiar with the case was shocking!
                  They have heard about it several times in the past year and
                  didn’t respond to any of the discussion.

                  They acted uninformed all the time and never did anything!
                  It’s almost creepy.

              • Anonymous

                He has a law degree but does not work as a lawyer? He’s a teamster?

              • Al in SoCal

                Had there been no court documents – we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

                Am I the only one who puts our elected officials in a somewhat higher plateau than I live – or expect you to live on?

          • Jeff

            a police report is an old out of date record once something has been litigated in the courts. HELLO Al in our system here in America the last word comes from the courts and not from a police report. Once litigated police reports become passe

          • Mom

            I agree with you here Semichorus. There have been many instances where the school district was just plain retaliatory and vindictive and outright liars about their real motivation. In many of them they even lost in court, remember the Baez case for starters ? I remember your recent story about the Burbank Police having unlimited ability to enter and snoop in student files over the weekend, while they assure us all how safe those files are. My experience says they are very generous with friends and equally vindictive to those they dislike. I am voting for Sousa because I have no confidence in those spreading this story.

            • semichorus

              I witnessed the BPD going into student files all the time. I used to catch them at it on weekends (Hi Eric!)

              The BUSD had even given them the keys to do so. Grandmasters and file cabinets. Not sure if they had the safe rooms though, where the old transcripts used to be stored.

        • CK

          a whole lot of the district people now are nuts. That is just a fact that many of us are sure of.


      Bob is a RINO.

      He votes and talks like a DEM he needs to leave the GOP. He is an embarrassment to the party and to conservatives generally. He needs to change his party affiliation. Maybe the DEMS don’t want him, but neither do we. At the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum, Bob pretty much endorsed sanctuary city status for Burbank. That’s a Left-wing DEM position. He was endorsed by DEM Adam Shiff. The list proving his RINO status is endless.

      Politicians like Bob is the reason the term RINO has become so popular. He fits it perfectly.

      • Al in SoCal

        Shielding Burbank residents from a loon who makes up terror attacks in other countries is a plus in my book. We can agree to disagree.

  13. Gayle

    Like members of Congress were listening to the people for the last ten years, they listen to special interests and big money just like Luddy, Frutos and Tslamantes do. Vote out Frutos nd Talamantes unless you want to pay more taxes while developers walk off with big profits. Frutos is not just left wing he is sick in the left brain.

  14. Anonymous

    Saint Gordon was the biggest panderer here, but then he has lots of practice.

    • Al in SoCal

      Gordon panders to the “silent majority” – who are NEITHER. They take their issues straight to the council microphone and believe somehow they are more important than everybody else. Uber-entitled snobs who think that their .. doesn’t stink. Actually – it does and that is *not* an alternative fact – it’s a REAL fact.

      • semichorus

        What’s he incorrect about?

        • Anonymous

          Exactly Semichorus. Many of us know that just because the school district says something does not make it true. Those Sousa claims all seem to come from district employees and the worst of the PTA’s, and yes there is a dark underbelly to the PTA crowd.

          • Anonymous

            BUSD is a cesspool of mendacity. And it’s true also that the council’s history of sterling characters, like drunken bookmaker Gary Bric and thief-dope pusher Will Rogers, reflects the discriminating intellect and integrity of the Burbank electorate. Does Stacey Murphy still live next to Dave, btw?

            • semichorus

              Yeah, Will Rogers. The guy who suddenly got the bright idea of buying dope on the cheap in the Midwest and importing it to California for big profits. Like someone just suddenly comes up with ideas like this who aren’t already selling dope bigtime. Yeah. Just a youthful indiscretion.

              And gun-for-hire Will Rogers, too. Don’t forget that.

              (Hi Will! You must have been pretty surprised when I uncovered that Bernheimer-bashing letter that you wrote to the LAT on the sly on behalf of your new boss. Yeah, fuck you too.)

              • Side-liner

                Go Semi! Where is Erin Brockovich when we need her?

              • Jennifer Jean

                We all know Will Rogers is a bitch !
                Also, He’s as dumb as a fence post.
                Can you believe He will be our next mayor?
                Burbank will become the laughing stock of
                our neighboring communities !
                I wish “Greg Sousa” could step in for him
                RIGHT NOW !!!

        • Al in SoCal

          Nothing – I was agreeing and giving the reasons behind that.

  15. Anonymous

    While we are talking about Sousa, the man is wound TIGHT. Lucky thing Burbank does not have a tower or he’d be up there with a sniper’s rifle.

    Do I have this right? He has a law degree but works as a teamster? Can’t find a law firm to take your crazy staring eyes on?

    • semichorus

      Come now.

      What’s wrong with being a teamster? His brief on the illegal “loan” (which is what I’ve actually heard it called by the defenders) was quite good.

      The whole thing will be considered moot in the end, but it sure scared the hell out of Albano & Co.

      “Mea culpa! Mea culpa!”

      Can you imagine what those depositions would have revealed?

      • 91505

        Loan ? You mean the 50k that Frutos let get misappropriated on his watch ? Frutos by the way also declined investigating it. My guess is that’s because Frutos was part of it.

  16. Al in SoCal

    What do Libertarians like Sousa want to do about the homeless? Let them die in our streets – then charge their families a cleanup fee?

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