Of course they’re going to praise the superintendent. They hired him against all the criticism!


At least he hasn’t done much damage yet, so far as we’ve heard. We’re still waiting though for the introduction of more “21st-century” high-tech into the local classrooms, just like the other districts have. Then we’ll see if there’s a commercially boosterish, anti-intellectual ideology at work.

But this latest article is ridiculous. Talk about overcompensating:

With much praise, Burbank school board approves contract extension, raise for Supt. Matt Hill

In a sweeping vote of confidence in Burbank Unified Supt. Matt Hill, the Burbank school board recently extended his contract and gave him a raise.

Hill’s new contract goes through June 2020 and comes with a $248,230 annual salary, which includes a 3% pay hike.

Larry Applebaum, school board president, said Hill’s contract extension and pay increase followed a satisfactory evaluation by the school board.

“Quite frankly, the superintendent got a much-better-than-satisfactory evaluation from this board,” Applebaum said. “We’re very happy, and we’re very pleased to be able to move this contract forward.”

Applebaum and fellow board member Steve Ferguson negotiated Hill’s new contract, which includes the same 3% pay increase the board gave to Burbank teachers, classified employees, administrators and senior management.

“Everybody says nice things to you, but what we can do for you the most is to instill confidence, and this is how we can do it,” Ferguson told Hill.

What does that mean, confidence? Confidence to do what? That’s what we’re worried about. The big changes are yet to come we fear. And what is this guy, some low-esteem high school athlete on a losing team who needs a little boost? You can do it!

We already pointed out the bogusness of this last year:

Early on, one of Hill’s key priorities was to reach a 100% graduation rate, and he has personally called students to push them to finish their studies, while leading a team of district administrators who also reach out to students and routinely share data with the school board showing the number of students who still need diplomas.

It’s not an overall graduation-completion rate. It’s a 12th-grade completion rate. Big, big difference, and the hype is extremely misleading.

Now in the range of ludicrously dumb comments from this guy over the years, the following sets some kind of high bar:

Applebaum added that the board was able to hire a superintendent without a teaching credential because of the credentialed employees who are part of the district’s senior management team.

“They make you look good,” Applebaum said. “It’s a great team. I can say, that as somebody who’s been here for a number of years, it hasn’t always been a great team. There have been great individuals, but not always a great team. I’m so proud of that, and I think the community is proud of that.”

Nothing like a teaching boss who knows nothing about teaching. And since when was that used as a rationale for hiring him two years ago? Does that team of credentialed underlings too have any kind of veto power over the non-credentialed boss?

And since everyone’s using sports imagery now, let’s talk about those teams (next it’ll be “team” learning as a goal). Which team was responsible for the BHS Vocal Music Association’s stripper-chick shows? The old or the new?



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9 responses to “Of course they’re going to praise the superintendent. They hired him against all the criticism!

  1. DixieFlyer

    The very same night, the Board followed this guy’s lead to take a very strong stand against Immigration Officers.

    BUT—it was NOT his lead.

    Turns out the Teachers Union submitted the idea.

    Yep, Ferguson and the Ambassador to Nowhere got it hook-line and sinker
    from the Union.

    Passed it on to this “Super” guy, and off to the races.

    This Immigrant Issue is regarded as “more important” than our students
    and their ongoing problems???

    According to Hill, the Teachers Union and a majority of the Board.

    • Daniel

      In today’s mail came a gem from “BTA Fund for Children”.
      The text goes on to claim that Steven Frintner is the
      Burbank Teachers’ Choice.
      The Choice of Burbank Teachers for some time has been named
      She claims to be a teacher of our children.
      This same woman authored the effort to go all-out to prevent the
      Immigration Officers from doing their job in Burbank.
      Then, that same night, she beefed President Larry Applebaum for allowing a straight A student to address the elected Board?
      Dixie has a very good point.
      Problems with teachers deserve plenty of sunshine.
      The problems aren’t confined to Burbank High.
      How does the Teachers Union try to control who can speak publically
      to their elected officials AND tell the Public how to vote?

      • semichorus

        The problem is that the BUSD is NOT banning immigration people from doing their job, what ever that is. Rather than require warrants for entry/information, it’s up to the superintendent. Totally discretionary.

        So their claimed vigilance here is phony as hell, whether people agree with it or not.

        • DixieFlyer

          The word ban keeps getting batted-around.

          The asinine cartoon in the Leader just “followed” the media bias trend.

          The truth is that the DEPORTATIONS set modern day records while the
          Office of President was “occupied” by O’bama.–eight years.

          What problems occured in Burbank during that period?

          “Please go somewhere and have a cup of coffee. Give me your cell#
          and we’ll try to get our Superintendent to call you after he calls the Teachers Union.”

          • DixieFlyer

            BTW, we promise not to tell anyone you were here.
            Not even the accountant you are looking for.

          • semichorus

            I just had some of that Stumptown, but I think I like McDonald’s better.

            It’s true that Obama deported alot, and I agree that there are better words than “ban” to describe these current actions. But Obama was only going after high profile targets, and he wasn’t motivated by fear and prejudice. He also didn’t gin up the hate level either, or lie about life in this country in order to do so.

            Did Burbank have an illegal student problem? I never heard about it. The teachers union also better figure out soon that this board “warning” about how protective they are is meaningless. They’re not requiring warrants for entrance, or court orders for information, and the super can still agree to waive their so-called restriction, if that’s what it is. So it’s all just lip service.

      • Amy

        semi got a touch of Will Rogers tonite??????

  2. Anonymous

    No donkey shows to talk about.

  3. DixieFlyer

    What does the BTA (Burbank Teachers Association) have to say about
    students addressing the Elected Board of Education?

    What is their position on Burbank High’s “staff member problem”?

    When did we authorize “them” to censor Public Speakers?

    While we’re at it, why didn’t our “Super” give Dianna Abqasta credit for
    initiating the Board measure on supposed Immigration problems?

    Then at the same Board meeting this “empowered” Union Officer feels
    that she can expect the Presiding Officer to “cut-off” a student speaker?

    For the last eight years, former President O’bama deported more illegal
    aliens rhan any President in Modern History.

    The question has been raised as to how many incidents have occured on
    campuses of BUSD–over the last eight years regarding Immigration.

    Maybe the Union has some “unreported” problems that were texted to
    “agents” at Burbank High School?

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