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21 responses to “*M*A*G*A*!

  1. DixieFlyer

    Catch the last Council Meeting.

    The so-called City Attorney had not one, but two items in Closed Session.

    After all her histrionics over “Brown Act”, she wouldn’t respond until a majority of the Council told her to.

    Then she lied about the reason for the second item.

    Please don’t forget her pathetic “changes” after the Hospitality Group got in trouble over $50,000 .

    She basically called for a Divorce once the shit began to fly.

    Change your pnone #, change your address, drop the staff member from your Board of Directors and find your NEW lawyer.

    All of those items were recommended by her just a few months before,
    and for several years duration.

    First sign of trouble—Cut and RUN!!!!!

    • semichorus

      Right, and her divorce idea won’t get them out of that general connection problem. It’s still a BID!

      Either she knows it’s just window dressing, or she’s dumb.

      I also don’t believe this expenditure wasn’t ok-ed by the higher ups before it was made. It had to have been.

      I’ll bet it went through the CA’s office first. Doesn’t everything? It should.

  2. O.B.

    You obviously did not watch Trump rallies or actually listen to Yrump speak. Your childish knowledge shows nothing but that you listened to sound bits chosen by the media and media opinions. I watched many Trump rallies so let me set you right. Trump never said he and the Trump did not manufacture outside the USA. What he said many times was that our over regulation and bad trade deals caused Ameeican business to manufacture outside the USA. He also stated many times that because he knew what was happening he knew how to renigotiate our trade deals and change the regulations that were causing this to happen. FACT is you only prove exactly what Trump said and explained in detail many times with these childish posts . You need to get over it, you lost the election and the reason you lost is shown in these childish posts that only expose you as manipulating nonsense as news.

    • semichorus

      He lambasted companies for manufacturing overseas. Nobody stopped Ivanka from making her shoes in America. Her profit margin is tremendous.

      Unless the US reduces wages, it’ll stay that way.

  3. Al in SoCal

    It’s like claiming you’re all about “family values” then ensuring poor families have no access to basic necessities – unless through NGO’s which force you to convert before the “help” is provided.

    It’s like claiming you’re all about Christ then hating on refugees and immigrants – the same ones that are scattered through the Bible with an obvious message (help them – should you need to be told)

    It’s like claiming your all about “life” but your hopes are of war and death …

    Feel free to attack the other side of the coin – as there is no innocence in political hypocrisy.

  4. Anonymous

    George Lopez cusses out fan Who didn’t appreciate his racist joke. Isn’t liberal George Lopez one of those celebrities who falsely claimed Trump was racist and sexist? “There are only two rules in the Latino family,” Lopez said Saturday night during a live show in Phoenix. “Don’t marry somebody black and don’t park in front of our house.” He also said he was moving back to Mexico if Trump won…We’re still waiting Jorge

  5. Stephany

    I was born in Mexico. I came here legally. Did the whole process. Paid what needed to be paid. Now I have a career. I have a masters degree and graduated with a 4.0. I have never been involved in any criminal activities. I have a full time job and I pay all my taxes and even though I think the system is unfair, I am so grateful and proud to be an American. I love this country because it has given me so much that I would not have been able to achieve in Mexico. Mexico is a beautiful country with so much potential but sadly its citizen’s mentality and the corrupt government do not let it thrive. I don’t want the United States to become another México. I do not want people coming here just to have children and be on welfare for the rest of their lives. I have been a trump supporter since day one, and unfortunately I couldn’t express it because I was afraid. Today I am proud!! And people need to see this video! I am tired of the media. I am tired of people bullying and wishing horrible things to MY President. This is our country. Poeple need to stop watching biased media and find out who the real Donald Trump is. #ThisIsMyPresident.

    • semichorus

      You’re not Mexican. No native of Mexico would make such a sweepingly stupid and bigoted comment about their country and its peoples.

      Spare us your phony concerns, asshole.

    • Al in SoCal

      What about those who were brought here when they were young. Many don’t even speak Spanish.

      The hate based fanatics there is no compromise, no excuse at all. For Stephany, the majority of Trump supporters don’t like Legal immigrants either, they don’t like Mexicans at all. Checkout Numbers USA then come back.

  6. 91502

    Oh of course what Lopez said just can’t be racist after all he is n outspoken liberal and liberals just can not be racist right ? Don’t you realize we are all seeing the illogic in your reasoning ?

    • semichorus

      He was making a joke about the prejudices of many traditional old-school Mexicans. Whose daughters love the BBC.

      If you were smart enough to figure things out you’d realize that Lopez was making a satirical comment. And how does he speak for “liberals” anyway? It doesn’t make Trump any less the bigot.

      Btw, how many Black people you know? Your concern for them is touching.

  7. chad

    Dixie, with that divorce does that mean Burbank has to pay for BHA’s COBRA?

    • Carl

      no different from the Burbank Leader.

    • DixieFlyer

      Thanks for asking, chad.

      Last night, when asked a question, she responded that she would answer
      if a majority of the Council wanted her to???

      Turns out, she lied AGAIN.

      Her sec retary went to the City Clerks office at 11:07 am Friday,
      with an addition to the Council Agenda that went out the night before.

      Many, many times the City Manager or Attorney are “evaluated” and the item appears on the Agenda.Period.

      Her “add-on” would allow an adjustment to her “PAY”.

      NO Public discussion possible without Prior Notice.

      She LIED, again.

      • Dina

        Chad asked a good question.
        Arren’t we paying for the insurance for her ex-husband?
        We need to know what she and her bad advice cost us now.
        Nice to0 know you guys caught her and her lies.

        • semichorus

          Chad always asks good questions! I’d forgotten about that insurance deal. Does he have a special condition or something?

          It must be nice to make six figures. We’ll never know!

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