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  1. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    Wanna bet the one allegedly going in at Talaria never sees the light of day??

    Whole Foods Market Inc. said it would close nine of its stores and lowered its financial projections for the year, moves made as the natural-foods company struggles with increased competition and slowing sales growth.

    The Austin-based retailer’s list of closures includes locations in Davis, Calif., and Augusta, Ga., a company spokeswoman confirmed on Wednesday. Whole Foods said it would take a $30 million charge in the second quarter related to the closings.

    As recently as last year, Whole Foods said it saw the potential for 1,200 stores in the U.S. On Wednesday, it did announce that it had opened 13 stores, including two relocations, in the first quarter. It expects to open six in the second quarter, including two relocations.

    Whole Foods also cut its profit forecast, saying it expects to earn at least $1.33 a share for this fiscal year, with sales increasing at least 1.5%, compared with its earlier projection of $1.42 a share in profit and sales rising 2.5% to 4.5%. Whole Foods also said its net income dropped 40% in the first quarter.

    Shares of the company declined 3.8%, to $28.19 in after-hours trading.

    Wednesday’s results are the first look at the company’s financials since Whole Foods surprised investors in November by announcing it was eliminating its unusual dual-CEO leadership structure.

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    The company is more than halfway through a two-year effort to slash its operating costs by $300 million through layoffs and centralizing certain operations. Whole Foods’s profits have suffered as a glut of mainstream grocers and other food retailers have increasingly offered organic and natural products at lower prices.

    Whole Foods started an aggressive effort to lower prices last year to try to draw customers back. Still, the company’s same-store sales, a key metric for retailers, have lagged behind, dropping 2.5% in fiscal 2016.

    On Wednesday, the Austin-based retailer said it expects its comparable sales could fall as much as 2.5% for fiscal 2017. For the first quarter, Whole Foods reported a 2.4% comparable-sales decline, worse than the 1.8% decline analysts had projected, according to FactSet. So far this quarter, the grocer said, comparable sales are down 3.2%.

    In November, the company predicted that its same-store sales would be flat to down 2% and total revenue to increase 2.5% to 4.5%.

    Those efforts have all eaten into the company’s profits. Whole Foods said in November it expected to decline by 0.6 of a percentage point over the next year.

    Over all for the fiscal first quarter, Whole Foods’ profit fell to $95 million, or 30 cents a share, from $157 million, or 46 cents a share. Revenue rose 1.8% to $4.92 billion. Analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters had projected 39 cents a share on $4.98 billion in revenue.

    Gross profit margin narrowed to 33.6% from 34% a year earlier.

    • semichorus

      I said that at the very start– only half jokingly.

      Shockingly, after I brought up the possibility that WF was being used as a come-on, the Cusumanos offered to let staff see part of the signed agreement. Apparently, no one in the city had verified the claim of a “We’re getting a Whole Foods!” at the site before they started pimping it.

    • semichorus

      Another copyright suit, eh? It’s not Tresona I see.

      Man, these guys need malpractice insurance. Their jobs are more hazardous than ob/gyns!

      Much, much copyright fighting going on this fall. I’ve noticed that Google/YouTube and others have been going after file conversion outfits, and file-sharing galore. Google just banned Mega Cloud in New Zealand from its listings.

  2. chad

    I don’t like John Williams’ music but god love him for hiring all those talented musicians through the years.

    • semichorus

      Really? Yeah I prefer Nino Rota (!) Williams is a bit conventionally boisterous, but I think that’s what the clients want. But check out his War of the Worlds score.

      Yes, those LA orchestra players get lots of gigs from him. My understanding is that he insists on using American union members when possible, and will do most of the conducting, if not all.

      Those younger, local Glendale and Burbank guys (no names) not so much.

  3. toniL

    Now we are getting a discount food store in the old Fresh & Easy on Verdugo, so why would we need a Whole Foods? Joke

  4. Anonymous

    Sprouts is awesome for sure.

    The folks at the burbank Facebook page. Are rightfully pissed about the traffic already from the new IKEA. They posted pic of cars backed up all the way to friggin magnolia on First. The very corner they wanna build the ol’ mixed use and condomcfwp. Across from flappers. I noticed even Luddy herself SHEEPISHLY admitting she REGRETTED approving that huge sign/tower for IKEA , seen for,miles in any direction.. thanks Em, now what about all the other shit you wanna ram down our collective throats.

    • semichorus

      I heard about that, and that the R-4 residents below Glenoaks have nowhere to park now.

      Both Dixie and myself clamored for some kind of required Flower/behind Ralphs alternate access. But no go. Too expensive. “We can’t make them do that.”

      Now look.

      A Verdugo/Flatland access might help too. Will never happen.

      Couldn’t anyone else see this coming?

      So, now let’s bring on those 1500 apartments!

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