You know what the council’s chosen solution to dealing with the “homeless” is going to be? Build more apartments and ban sleeping in cars

It was inevitable.

We knew a few months ago that as soon as we extolled Burbank’s humanitarian tolerance for allowing homeless people to seek shelter in their own automobiles instead of on the street that selected staff and council members were soon going to go out of their way to change it.

Sure enough, that’s one of the projected plans on deck for tonight’s council discussion about local homelessness. Of the 16 or so additional proposals that are being suggested for dealing with homeless individuals — some of the ideas quite good in fact, such as funding real homeless shelters — it’ll only be these two that get traction:


Change the zoning rules to allow developers to build more apartments in town; which will do nothing for the homeless but much for the developers, and,
Change the local laws to make life more difficult for those who already have things tough.

Burbank is one of the few cities in California that allows people to sleep in their cars at night. We learned this several years ago when we asked Dr. Gordon about what the particular law was around here about vehicle habitation. Albano checked for him.

Now we knew that as soon as we asked the question and then got the answer that our query alone would only proceed to get the ball rolling in the other direction. Sure enough, we were right.

So yeah, fuck you too Burbank. You’re not going to do anything about homelessness in this city except harass its victims. Just watch.

Oh, and then use it as an excuse to build more apartments.



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4 responses to “You know what the council’s chosen solution to dealing with the “homeless” is going to be? Build more apartments and ban sleeping in cars

  1. CornFused

    Touchy subject for sure on the street parking.

    The cars parking on the streets have become a real problem in certain areas. It’s unfortunate, since the ones that have caused most of the issues with the neighbors are there out of choice. I’ll just go ahead and say it…laziness. I moved away from the George Izay area last year because of a few select ones. Always felt horrible for the few that had no other options, but the others were/are assholes. Neighbors would take food to one of the ladies living in her van and help in other ways when possible. One neighbor would invite her in their house when weather got bad even though she had a few mental issues, but a nice lady who deserved better. She was an exception. Police caught one lady over there giving BJs from her van for money/beer. She was about 35 and that’s the way she wanted to live, but really didn’t have to.

    I have more than a few really bad stories resulting in damaged property then unwarranted/unprovoked confrontations.

    • semichorus

      Almost all of the residential complaints involve congregating near the parks, which I agree, should not be allowed. But sleeping in cars in the regular R-1 neighborhoods is a non-existent problem. Almost all are in R-4.

      I fear that Burbank’s choices here will involve making life more difficult. And the staff report’s claims are ludicrous– for one, there are NO available vouchers for most of the local homeless. Only for families with children– a tiny portion.

      The city also does very little for BTAC. It’s the other way around, and it’s financed largely by the studios and local businesses. And Glendale-based Ascencia is a joke.

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