Lower the tracks; and what ever happened to that Verdugo Ave crossing we were promised 60 years ago?


Tomorrow night the city council will be asked to approve the idea of the MTA and others adding an additional train track north of Buena Vista, and also the revamping of a number of the grade crossings along the way.

Rather than just rubber stamp this obvious improvement, wouldn’t tomorrow night also be a great time to get some additional ideas out there about those cumbersome tracks?

Forty years ago the City of Alhambra prevailed upon Southern Pacific to completely overhaul their Mission Road line by lowering it about 30 feet below ground level. This succeeded in eliminating the danger and congestion of all of the many grade-level crossings they’d once had. In the end they lowered about two miles of track. So why can’t Burbank get the same benefit?

Sixty years ago we were promised that the railroad would eventually install a grade crossing at Verdugo Ave. so that the city wouldn’t stay cut in half down there. The highway department even made sure to bridge Verdugo for that very purpose, and to connect it to Front Street. So what happened?

About a dozen years ago Dave Golonski promised the nearby residents and business owners that a road crossing at that spot would finally receive official attention, and that it was long overdue. All they needed to do was cut down the fence and put it in.  We’re still waiting.



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7 responses to “Lower the tracks; and what ever happened to that Verdugo Ave crossing we were promised 60 years ago?

  1. Anonymous

    Just another Golonski empty promise it sounds like meanwhile Frutos got us a big Talaria and a big new airport. Frutos takes such good care of the developerz maybe you should ask him where this Verdugo crossing is.

    • semichorus

      What I love is how this has become some kind of crank issue. Another eye-roller, yes.

      A crossing at Verdugo? See, I told you those people were nutballs. Now come over here and I’ll confide in you what mental issues those gadflies have…

  2. Mark

    The Mike and Roy Show on the election

    • Anony Miss

      Grass Roots Organizations often flop. My money is on this group growing at a steady pace. Time is up on all the weird and unfair decisions made by Burbank Officials. These guys are “Average Burbank Joes” calling it like it is. They are not extremists. Seeking fairness in a city they love, is very appealing to people watching from the sidelines.

  3. Al in SoCal

    Dr. Gordon is still in a position to do something – what has he done? (crickets)

    • What is he in a position to do when he is out voted 4-1? He voted against the Talaria deal, he voted against the T-BID extension and they eventually misappropriated $50k to the Committee for Yes on Measure B! He has called hearings on this illegal activity and wasn’t even seconded. He was against Measure B in part, because of the voting rights it surrendered to the airport commission – something voters couldn’t wrap their heads around because the Yes on B crowd kept talking about safety. He’s the one who asks tough questions while the other members of the council sigh and pout that he has a vocal group of supporters. So he’s done a lot but could do a lot more if we had a 3-2 council that went his way. And you know what? If he did, things would change very quickly in this town. Enough with the giveaways.

      • semichorus

        Yeah, his job is thankless. Rogers often asks good, challenging questions — and followups– but he just can’t drag himself to back (or help) Gordon on many of the most basic city issues. Even if he totally agrees with him. When’s it ever happened?

        He was the same with McConkey. He knew Ted was right about many important things, but he wouldn’t give him an inch. Just the opposite. It’s a really weird prick/contrarian thing on his part. It’s not pride, it’s just arrogance.

        Meanwhile, things suffer or stay unaddressed.

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