They kind of say it all, don’t they?

​A group of Burbank parents are taking organized action to address the recent BHS mess. They have a new blog about it:
While we’re not too concerned about what a teacher does in their private life, or where they spend their allegedly colorful vacations in Mexico, these parents do bring up some valid issues — although we’re a bit suspicious about the point-by-point writing style being displayed. It seems more than a bit professional, if you know what we mean. That kind of lucidity doesn’t usually come out of Burbank.

Pedagogically speaking, the entire VMA program at Burbank High has been a mess for years. None of this recent tackiness should be a big surprise to anyone. It was built into that whole “Glee!” schtick from the beginning, and if you didn’t see this all coming down Fifth Avenue by the time it hit 42nd Street then it’s partly your fault as well. This includes all of you mindless cheerleaders who are always way too easily pleased by local life. Get a clue, guys.

So what to do. No one’s claiming the students should suddenly start doing a series of Bach cantatas from his first Leipzig cycle as penance, or even a Bob Dylan festival. But the BUSD definitely needs to revamp the entire vocal music program down there so that it includes less sleaze and more substance. Academics, anyone? Remember those?

While we’re on the topic, what actually happened to their band teacher? We’re still asking. All we hear are rumors. 

He was way too academically qualified for this position to begin with. So was it pedagogical or personal? Was it some kind of Dave Olson thing?



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12 responses to “They kind of say it all, don’t they?

  1. DixieFlyer

    When Patrick Presscot was called out by a Judge for boasting in an

    e-mail that he was witholding information from the City Council there

    was coverage in the Press.

    When a specific e-mail from the vocal dept claimed to be keeping

    information from the School Board AND Parents was revealed—-

    absolutely no Public Comment from the Board OR the Press!!!

    • semichorus

      Why do Burbank people love that program so much?

      It’s so obviously tacky and overblown. I guess there’s too much for them to defend.

  2. chad

    I watched it in action a few years back. It smacks of mainstream “professionalism” and I swear parents think their kids will all get jobs on the next Glee-like TV series. I’m serious.

  3. Irwin Fletcher

    Maybe they see it as their ticket to early retirement if their kid lands a Disney/Nickelodeon series.

    • CornFused

      Not so much early retirement, but a way to get their foot in the door as a manager or even better. I’ve worked with more than a few of these parents and a lot of them are pretty repulsive .

      The newest craze I’ve seen going around now is “self publishing” and paying to hold their own book signings. But hey, now they’re published. Strange crowd around here.

      • semichorus

        Art and business. The perfect combination!

        I’ll bet they’re “Moms,” right? Or is it mommies? I never know when one starts and the other ends.

  4. Anonymous

    You’re 100% right to be suspicious. If this site was written by real parents in the BHS community (and not, say, a sociopathic copyright troll whose business is falling apart because someone finally stood up to him and exposed his copyright “custom arrangement license” theory as a scam), why would they be totally anonymous?

    • semichorus

      I don’t care who it’s written by, though it’s pretty obvious who it is. I just care about the issue.

      Why aren’t the parents expressing such views, btw? Everybody instead is running for cover. I don’t think the guy should be fired, and I could care less about his personal life. It’s irrelevant, and I’ve known a lot of wild teachers (Glendale High used to have a stripper in its ranks, some kind of coach. She may still be there.) I just don’t like a glitzy, sleazy element being injected into that curriculum.

      Never did. I spoke out about that program years ago.

      • Anonymous

        The Federal case is now officially over (except for the inevitable motions for attorneys fees against Tresona). Judge Wilson issued an order today granting summary judgment in favor of the BHSVMA Booster Club.

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