TV Highlights


This should be fun. From CUNY TV this weekend:

Episode Details

Original tape date: September 22, 2016.

First aired: February 3, 2017.

In episode #308 of Science Goes to the Movies, the Director of the Center for Addictive Disorders at Mount Sinai, Dr. Yasmin Hurd, joins the show to talk about addiction as its portrayed in films like Danny Boyle’s Trainspotting and T2: Trainspotting, its sequel, as well as in marijuana-themed movies like Pineapple Express and the Cheech & Chong franchise. Hurd elucidates the neurobiological effects of certain drugs and how they work to trick the brain, as well as the way in which certain people may be predisposed to addiction. A breakdown of the scheduling of various substances follows and Hurd assesses the danger of marijuana relative to what is seen in the countless popular films in which it is smoked.

Guest List

Dr. Yasmin Hurd Director, Center for Addictive Disorders at Mount Sinai

More proof that it ain’t the 70s any more.

Will future satirists ever be able to do a number on this horrible era of ours? The pedantic, phony-square hipness? Will it all become clear some day?




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5 responses to “TV Highlights

  1. chad

    I’ll drink to that.

  2. Anonymous

    There seriously is nothing more irritating than old hippies except for these cry baby milenials.

    • semichorus

      Old hippies are quite funny.

      You know what’s irritating to me? Spoiled, ignorant, uneducated, bigoted Republicans who were raised badly in creepy, insular communities.

      And who aren’t conscientious enough to make sure that they spell their words correctly, or even know if they are.

      • Allan G.

        Semichorus for being a liberal who claims to be tolerant it amazes me how often you soew hate toward those you disagree with. Serously dude get a grip and realize it really is the liberal left who acts like facists and just resorts to name calling in every discussion. I know I once was a liberal and was following that intolerant hate filled direction but I woke up and saw that the name callers are only describing themselves.

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