Egg on a roll please




Better have gotten it early.

An unknown number of NYC bodegas have been closed this afternoon (until 8 p.m.) as part of a protest against President Trump’s executive order banning all refugees as well as immigrants from seven majority Muslim countries. Owners and some employees of the delis, many of them operated by Yemeni-Americans, have gathered outside Brooklyn Borough Hall, where they prayed together and shared their collective outrage over the Trump administration’s travel ban.

The protesters have been chanting, “No ban! No wall! U.S.A. for all!”

“We’re trying to send the message that we are part of this community, we are part of this country, and we put in work just like everybody else,” downtown Brooklyn deli worker Salim Alnemari told us this morning before joining the strike. “We pay taxes. We are trying to say we are needed here, like everybody else.”

The rally was not scheduled to start until 5 p.m., but it seems that many protesters arrived early. Follow reporter Emma Whitford for updates; she’ll have a full report Friday morning.


These bodega guys are a trip. They talk and act just like classic New Yorkers.

That’s because they are.





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11 responses to “Egg on a roll please

  1. Phil

    America putting the protection of Americans first just so scary

  2. chad

    This crap makes American a more dangerous place and so does making it easier to purchase guns.

    • Larry

      Give it a rest Chad. The fact is America has always had guns the difference is we have never in our history had so many self absorbed individuals who do not properly use anything, guns included.

      We need to address the education level of people. Sure we spend a mint on education but half of the graduates can not even function on a daily basis. Make change for a dollar ? Nope can’t do it.

      Banning things can not and does not stop people from stupidity. When you look around at the harm caused by very ignorant people on a daily basis I for one would say bans and restrictions really have been proven to not work. Look at Chicago with all kinds of restrictions on guns ( more than here) and with all those restrictions Chicago is the killing fields.

      • Anonymous

        VERY well said, Larry, and woefully oh so true! ….much of which I blame the intellectual liberals for attempting to make us a nation of wimps and self-absorbed narcissistic fools….meanwhile, just like with the Roman empire, the barbarians swoop in and take over….laughing at our weakness and indulgences.

        • semichorus

          And Burbank’s such a bastion of culture and civilization.

          You people are such bigoted morons. Total and complete fools. If indeed you’re for real, and not just fucking with everyone.

          Unfortunately, there’s a history of that around here. People fucking around with the idiocy.

          i.e., hi Will!

          • Tony

            Why is it that liberals always resort to name calling of anyone who does not share their opinion on anything ? As if its anything but absurd to call anyone who holds a different opinion a bigoted fool.

            Let’s talk a little about fools, and in Burbank.

            Only a fool pushes for bike lanes when hardly anyone uses them.

            Only a fool (like Luddy) promotes and votes for fewer parking spaces because everyone will ride a bike while she herself rides around in an SUV

            Only a fool pushes that there is a draught when there has been way over average rain and snow.

            Only a fool thinks it is acceptable to tax tourists to uses the tax money to fund a campaign on the ballot.

            Should I got on ? Nah, these are liberal agenda points so in my opinion if we want to sink to name calling the funny pink hat belongs on the liberals who want to call everyone a name..

            • semichorus

              Because right wing Republicans are liars and fools.

              And it’s not name calling. It’s a description.

              And most of them are racists and bigots to boot. Nothing else explains the stupid, mindless prejudice and suspicion of the “other.”

              And like Anglos these days are any great shakes.

          • Ray

            “And Burbank’s such a bastion of culture and civilization.”

            I didn’t think Anonymous was talking about Burbank I think he was talking about our country and our culture. Sadly he hits very true points and I do not see them as bigoted at all. So funny how many liberals have turned to see Communism and Socialism as better yet none of them have chose to move to and live in those socialist countries while people who do live there chose to flee and come here. Maybe that means nothing to some people but it says a lot to me about just how bad those systems are.

    • Anonymous

      Ok so ‘bodegas’ closed to lose sales and money. That’s their choice to take the day off. Don’t care and don’t plan to tell them when to be open.

  3. Rod

    Do these people not realize that their chant : “No ban! No wall! U.S.A. for all!”
    Really says they want no USA ?

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