A lot of people still don’t like them



They’re so … uncomfortable to be around. Such know-it-alls.

And pushy…?

It makes sense.

The State Department drafted its own statement last month marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day that explicitly included a mention of Jewish victims, according to people familiar with the matter, but President Donald Trump’s White House blocked its release.

The existence of the draft statement adds another dimension to the controversy around the White House’s own statement that was released on Friday and set off a furor because it excluded any mention of Jews. The White House has stood by the statement, defending it as an “inclusive” message that was not intended to marginalize Jewish victims of the Holocaust.

Maybe they have another one planned. With different victims.





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4 responses to “A lot of people still don’t like them

  1. Terri

    Who will speak out against this racist anti immigrant rant from the president ?

    • semichorus

      It’s not racist and it’s not anti-immigrant.

      • Jay

        I agree just like President Trump it is not racist it is just the truth. We are a nation of laws and illegal immigration is against the law. Interesting that even President Clinton talked about the cost to taxpayers caused by illegal aliens.

    • Barbara

      That sounds a lot like President Trump. Maybe President Trump learned about the economic effects of illegal immigration from President Clinton ?

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