This isn’t “safe”


Useless verbiage. It’s also gutless.

In response to President Trump’s executive order on immigration, Burbank school officials plan to introduce a resolution on Thursday in order for the Burbank school board to declare campuses as “safe zones,” where district officials “shall not inquire about a student’s immigration status,” according to a statement issued by Burbank Unified School District Supt. Matt Hill.

On Monday, Hill alerted families about the resolution that’s headed before Burbank school officials.

“We have strong and unwavering values regarding the humanity and dignity of every person,” Hill said in his email to parents on Monday. “The district is also committed to protecting all rights afforded to students under federal and state law and regulations.”

Yeah yeah yeah.

Until they start getting asked about…

Any request by federal immigration officials for students’ information or access to a school site will be “immediately forwarded to the superintendent for review,” according to Hill’s email, which ensures that Burbank Unified will comply with the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Plyler v. Doe, which ruled in 1982 that states can’t deny enrolling children in a public school based on their immigration status.

“The Burbank Unified School District will continue to cultivate an environment of acceptance, support and kindness for all,” Hill added.

But we could very well finger you to the Feds, you kids. It’s up to the super!

If the BUSD was sincere about creating these “safe zones,” they’d all go on record and state that they will forbid the disclosure of any information at all about the immigration status of its students. To anyone. And, block the doors to any federal agents who lack a warrant. But that would require both balls and essential disagreement with the new administration.

Good luck on those two.

Burbank standing up to Authority? To the Police? You’re in the wrong place kids. History shows that they’ll fucking turn you in.



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20 responses to “This isn’t “safe”

  1. Anonymous

    So think about this. The Burbank School district gets paid by the state per student per day the kid is sitting in a classroom. For that reason they take kids from outside of Burbank because it means money for their salaries. As parents it overcrowds our schools. As taxpayers it causes them to push bonds for more buildings. It is not the kids with them, it’s all about the money.

    • semichorus

      They also give these things out as favors.

      For years Julie Scott, the assistant city attorney in Burbank, sent her kids to Burbank schools. She lived in Glendale, and her husband was Glendale’s city attorney!

  2. Tom

    Sounds to me like the school board plans to refuse to follow Federal Law. Didn’t they take an oath to the constitution ? Maybe it’s time we all unite and stop paying taxes and payment on their bond. Face it if our officials can break the law so can we. First 50,000 for buying an election and now the school board won’t follow Federal Law.

    • semichorus

      They didn’t take an oath to the Constitution.

      Federal law requires a warrant or court order for student information demands. The BUSD though just turns it over — under the super’s discretion (!).

  3. Tye

    I sort of agree this is bad from so many ways. The schools turn kids into the police all the time and always have. So now it’s teach the kids it’s ok to disregard the law but disobey us and we call the cops.

  4. Antonio R

    “according to Hill’s email, which ensures that Burbank Unified will comply with the U.S. Supreme Court decision in Plyler v. Doe, which ruled in 1982 that states can’t deny enrolling children in a public school based on their immigration status.”

    If law enforcement comes to enforce the law that is their job and it is a different role than the schools who do not deny enrolling students.

    Cities and schools who disavow the law should be defunded.

  5. Bryan

    I am sorry but this safe school thing is no different from what caused what we saw on television last night from Berkley. The laws of America are put in place to help keep us safe and passing something that says we will not follow the law to help make a safe school is crazy. If schools start to do this what will stop different schools from passing different rules. Like one school district passes a law that they will not follow laws about not discriminating against gays. Another school district passes a rule that they won’t follow laws about not discriminating against blacks. If one district could pass rules they won’t follow one law why won’t others ass rules that they won’t follow other laws. Last night at Berkley what we saw was the university leaders allowed was free speech to be turned into violence that silenced the free speech of others. That is not free speech that is a criminal action. School leaders need to stop trying to make rules about what they think personally and start equally follow the laws of America. To have different schools with different leaders making up their own rules is a danger to the rights and safety of us all.

    • semichorus

      I love how you’re defending an avowed bigot and white supremacist.

      Oh, boo hoo–that bad, bad Berkeley!

      You people are nuts. Just horrible. I love too how you’re SO concerned about the plight of Blacks and gays in the schools. You’re so full of shit.

  6. Sue

    I have a question after reading this. Is any request for any information by the Burbank Police immediately forwarded to the superintendents office now ?

    • semichorus

      Good question. I doubt it.

      When Eric Rosoff was working with the schools, the BUSD gave him the KEYS to get into both the high school buildings and the counselors’ file cabinets.

      Without warrants. I’d catch him at Burroughs on weekend evenings rifling through the main office. He didn’t think anybody was there.

      Go ahead and lie about it, BPD. The district also allows search dogs to go into the classrooms and check out both the students and their belongings.

      So this whole safe space PR thing is complete bullshit. If they were truly sincere about this righteous claim of theirs, they’d demand court orders before ANY intrusive effort. And then FIGHT THEM in court.

  7. Elen

    Doesn’t the school district also spy on kids on social media ? I think I remember reading that they do that too

    • semichorus

      Glendale hired a company to do so.

      But at least they were honest about it. Burbank wouldn’t admit it if they did. And the board would vote on it in closed session.

    • CornFused

      That actually happened last week. The brother of one of the kids killed in that car crash a few years ago was holding a “weed and alcohol” party. Through the day kids were posting pictures of the weed stash and various hard alcohol bottles that were being gathered for the party. The party was scheduled for a 10pm start I believe and the police were there to shut it down at 10:01. This was for a kid in 10th grade at Burroughs, but was to be held at his friends house near Norms Burger on Magnolia.

      I know the school was aware of the party and contacted the BPD.

      • semichorus

        Burbank is so full of trash now, isn’t it?

        When I mentioned that a few years ago in reference to the one accident — and then cited their idiotically nasty Facebook pages as evidence of, at the very least, parental neglect — people went absolutely nuts in outrage.

        Dan Evans at the Leader even wrote a big editorial demanding that I shut myself down. Someone even had WordPress take down the post. .

        What a moronic bunch of residents Burbank has.

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