How is anyone guilty of “trespassing” in the BPD lobby?

MyBurbank has the January arrest reports online, and it’s an interesting read:

One day in particular — and only day — saw three different people being arrested for “petty theft” in the departmental lobby. Someone else was arrested there for “trespassing.”

Now what could these three separate individuals have possibly taken from down there on only that one particular day? Too many Explorer brochures?

If they’re just being arrested there for incidents from other locations, why just that one day? There’d be tons of ending arrests then noted inside the “lobby.”

And how can you get accused of trespassing in a public space on public grounds that are open and available to the outside world? You can’t, which makes it appear that these separate arrests at different times were just an official reprisal of some sort, probably against people who were seen as complaining too much. 

We’ve been saying for years that one of the most dangerous places to be in Burbank is inside the actual Police Department lobby. That’s because the people who work there are consistently rude, crude, and prone to retaliatory threats and dishonesty.

It’s been that way for years. The old city councils used to know this, because there had been many, many public complaints to them in the past about these horrible employees. There was even talk about getting them some “sensitivity training.” So how about the new one?

Our council members should ask someone about these recent arrests — no doubt made against individuals who were known or suspected by the arresting officers to be too poor to afford attorneys. That’s of course why they happen.

Does the council know that Burbank has the well-earned reputation of being a chickenshit town? That’s why the PD mess got such wide publicity a few years ago.

Maybe they like it that way.



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13 responses to “How is anyone guilty of “trespassing” in the BPD lobby?

  1. joe

    It was probably people turning themselves in to serve court ordered jail time over the weekend.

  2. joe

    If the original arrest and conviction had been trespassing or petty theft, the people turning themselves in would have been booked into jail on those charges.

    • semichorus

      Then there’d be lots more of them. Not just one day. And they wouldn’t be arrested then. They arrest people at the scene and note it on the arrest report.

      There’d also be majorly serious offenses in the mix.

      No, these were bullshit arrests, probably done because the individuals were complaining.

      I’d love to know what was being stolen. Some girlfriend grabbing something from a boyfriend, and vice versa?

      A brochure on display? Toilet paper in the bathroom?

      • James Carlile Nemesis Club

        What a total fucking idiot you are Jimbo. Slow news night at Coral?

        • semichorus

          It’s fascinating to hear that people are only coming down to the BPD lobby for voluntary arrests on just that one day out of the month.

          They got a special going on then or something? Two for one? Couples their specialty?

          Or is that the day they round up the Mexicans and bring them in?

        • Anonymous

          Who’s the douchebag buddy. Those aren’t booking reports, they’re arrest reports. Semi’s correct.

          • semichorus

            Right– unless MyBurbank is mixing the two. The way it works is arrest-conviction-jail. Not arrest-jail.

            Even in Burbank.

            No one’s just voluntarily turning themselves in, unless they’re like murder suspects with attorneys at their side. The police are making these arrests down there after some kind of interview or confrontation.

  3. Anonymous

    Not true. It’s quite common, in fact for attorneys to advise their clients to turn themselves in for minor misdemeanor warrants issued by the court. Most spend the night in jail, are taken to court in the morning, and are out by noon the next day..time served. It’s away of removing a warrant with out paying a fine or exorbitant attorney fees.

    • semichorus

      While I’m sure that happens, they don’t all happen on the same day, and only that day. There’d also be a whole range of charges, not just these two. That’s my point. These sound phony.

      Also — how do after-the-fact arrest warrants get issued for things like petty theft and trespassing? The evidence for those can only be developed at the time and place of the scene, and that’s where the arrest takes place.

      Those kind of things you’d be arrested for when it happens, or shortly thereafter. That’s the only way it would make sense– especially on trespassing.

      Unless of course the Burbank cops or CA just issue warrants based upon someone making a claim to them. In which case that is a VERY frightening abuse of power under their granted immunity. Because a mere accusation isn’t cause.

      You wake up one day and find out you’ve got a warrant? Just because someone made an accusation about a petty charge that they didn’t make at the time? Or the police didn’t immediately address?

      Ok, in that case, Will Rogers stole my pen last week and walked all over my back lawn. Issue an arrest warrant on him, Burbank Police!

      So did Talamantes!

  4. Citizen Cane

    Semi: go put your pink vagina hat on and go protests outside city hall.

  5. acesfull

    Knucklehead, there are several ways to get a warrant for these minor offenses. If you don’t show up to court, pay your fine, do your community service, etc, then the warrant is going to come out and it will always list the original charge. When you turn yourself in on a warrant, it’s technically an arrest. It’s not unusual for groups to come in on one day because they are trying to ensure they get to court promptly. For example, no one is turning themselves in on a Friday so they can spend the whole weekend in jail waiting for Monday court. Sundays and Mondays are common days for people to turn in. There’s nothing suspicious about this at all, its the pace of business.

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