Why is the Central Branch still closed on Sundays?

It is. And it’s the main branch in the system:




But satellite branch Buena Vista is open:




What accounts for such neighborhood favoritism? It wasn’t lack of use, because the city made a budgetary decision 15 years ago to open their brand-new B/V facility on Sundays as an “experiment.”

When’s it over?

It could be worse. Poor Northwest isn’t even open on Saturdays!




Meanwhile, the new head librarian is talking about “robotics” and bringing 3D printers into the facility.

She and her predecessors have also been weeding Burbank’s once-great book collection like there’s no tomorrow. It’s still going on. Seen those half-empty shelves lately?

Don’t even begin to question this destructive policy. You’ll just get treated like a crank. The general public has a difficult time understanding the professional thinking behind such things as “de-accessioning.” They only use the place.

(P.S. The Buena Vista branch is located in a still mostly Anglo part of Burbank that’s full of houses. The Central isn’t any more. What a coincidence!)




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  1. Ivan

    Dr Gordon addresses the residents

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