Sharing the same day








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8 responses to “Sharing the same day

  1. Marco

    Take a listen and start to think without accepting just what you are told.

    • semichorus

      It’s a ban on people from Muslim countries. Same thing. And even if they have green cards.

      That’s right, Hitler didn’t try to exterminate the Jews. He just went after the many “menaces” to Germany. Totally different!

      You people are so fucking dishonest. You’ll be the ruination of us all.

      • Marco

        Nice try but allowing more Muslim Countries access with no change is not a Muslim ban, it is a ban from 7 countries which have been identified as the hot beds of radical terrorism. This is precautionary to protect life it is not a all like Hitler;’s move to exterminate anyone. You need to take your Nazi glasses off and look at what is really happening before you get the gold participation trophy for using the Hitler filter.

      • Don

        If you do not take off the filters and find some honesty you will be the ruination of us all.

      • TJ

        You just might win the filter trophy, Try taking off the filter and looking at things for what they are and end the identifying them before they even happen dude. Great video by the way

  2. chad

    They share the same birthday. Fantastic.

  3. Saw Akhnaten at LA Opera recently – it was amazing. So glad Mr. Glass is still healthy and writing.

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