When the worm turns



Check out this week’s statement from the school board. And btw … why so many dark nights for the Burbank City Council?



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9 responses to “When the worm turns

  1. DixieFlyer

    Excitement Rules.

    Guided tours of City Hall!!!

    Luggage Lady gets her way.

    Less meetings=less work.

    Less chances for embarrassing fuck-ups.

    • Faux Fuddy Luddy

      and yet other cities have no problem getting an agenda together even if a holiday occurs on Monday before Tuedsday meeting . And they complain meetings go on for hours, well , meet more often !

  2. Steven

    and acting attorney general YOU’RE FIRED !

  3. Anonymous

    Because the public got wind of another 5k giveaway to a homeowner for a City hired architect! It will be news to them I’m sure staff will have to admit they do it all the time.

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