We know who the guilty ones are


The corporate media.



Himbos, bimbos, morons, and stooges. All well paid, too. This country’s doomed.

Yup. Because they’re our most important Americans. **MAGA!**




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11 responses to “We know who the guilty ones are

  1. Anonymous

    Yes MAGA. I have had enough of people who are not citizens making demands of what they want and marching in America with flags of Mexico. Most of us know that if we did that in Mexico we would not be tollerated. The sad truth is that those who do see the teasonablness of America First fail to see anything beyond their own selfish self interests and that that thinking endangers everyone. Most of us would love to solve poverty in the world but all of us need to realize those ecforts begin right here at home with our own citizens.

  2. Anonymous

    Arrrgh!! Those damn “deplorables”….how dare they stand up for the their country and rights first before the illegals and other countries demand hand-outs from us….how dare they!

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