Is this how they’re still doing the homeless audit? As a police stop?

Someone noted an interesting thing about the old photo the Leader used last week to illustrate its audit story. Surprisingly, we didn’t catch the problem right away, although it’s perfectly obvious now.

Glendale managed to turn it into an illegal warrantless stop and interview session:

Mark Horvatch, left, takes down some information from Greg Rubio, right, while Glendale police Officer Matt Zakarian looks on, in this file photo taken Jan. 27, 2010.

(Raul Roa / Glendale News-Press)
The guy looks real comfortable, doesn’t he?

Anyone want to bet that the police did not use these stops to do warrant checks on the supposed persons of concern?

What a great opportunity to do bullshit police checks on the homeless population sans PC. Just pull ’em over and start asking personal questions. The community cares so much, and the third parties make it so much easier to do.

Last time Burbank did this they used teams of volunteers to go out and scour the city late at night. The paper and volunteer notices said nothing about the police going along for the inspection visits as well, which turns them into something entirely different if so.

Did they? Do they now?



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15 responses to “Is this how they’re still doing the homeless audit? As a police stop?

  1. Anonymous

    See most homelss are American citizens and most liberals [just look at the burbank facebook page] have no issue here but ask an illegal about status oh that is unacceptable. These liberals are phonies. The liberals do not think laws apply to illegals but they even want to pass and enfirce laws about what bag you use if you are a citizen. All of this is absurd and must and will end because we see you for who you are liberals.

    • semichorus

      It’s illegal for the police department or government authorities or any agents working on their behalf to just single people out for examination without good cause.

      Environmental regulations have nothing to do with it. Why do right-wingers get upset about plastic bags and not police stops?

      • Anonymous

        Listening to liberals like councilman Frutos we should not confront a shoplifter because we would not want to make them feel afraid of police. I do not disagree with probable cause but in cases like illegal immigrants liberals want to catch and release even when there is probable cause. My comment is really to the likes of Frutos. Why is it ok to stop homeless people and not illegals ?? Illegals can commit a crime and cops like frutos will overlook everything. I bet Frutos would also be ok with this homeless stop as l i ng as the homeless guy is a us citizen

        • semichorus

          It’s not ok to just stop ANYBODY.

          Where are all these crime-breaking illegals?

          • DixieFlyer

            That cheap bastard Mark Kellam used a six year old photo.;

          • Anonymous

            The issue is not just stopping anybody the issue is this:

            A crime is commotted and the person is arrested.

            When arrested they investigated the person for other wants, warrants and evidence of other crimes.

            AT THAT TIME they find the person is illegally in the USA, which is a crime.

            A crime and another crime has been committed. I suspect Semichorus that if they pulled you over for say soeeding they would run you check into you and if another crime turned up they would cite or arrest you.

            • semichorus

              The homeless are being arrested as part of this survey?

              Police have to have cause to stop people on the street. Being homeless or Muslim or Mexican is not cause.

              You loyal “Americans” are frightening. The police just can’t detain anyone they want to– or anyone you folks don’t happen to like or trust.

  2. K.G,

    Dixie Flyer what an inane comment. Who is Mark Kellam and why does anyone care what photo he uses. Try saying something worth reading f you post.

  3. Eileen

    Many of the comments from Dixie Flyer make no sense to me. Dixie Flyer is Will Rogers right ?

  4. DixieFlyer

    Stupid is as Stupid does.

    Folks who follow Posts and Comments on this Blog could easily know that an ongoing problem with the “follower” has been the Editor, Mark Kellam.

    The photo he used was in fact SIX YEARS old.

    That led people to believe that Police were conducting the census, and not the hard working volunteers.

    That led to inane comments like Anonymous lecturing on warrant checks etc, along with K.G and Eileen,

    MBGA–Make Burbank Great Again.

    • semichorus

      Well my question was why the police were going along with them in Glendale, and if it were still so. I wasn’t aware of this happening in Burbank.

      Yeah, why does the Leader also get so many Glendale photos?

  5. chad

    Man, that is the height of laziness to use that photo and ultimately misleading and irresponsible,

    • semichorus

      Well I think the question remains, are the Burbank police going along with this next census? Like Glendale did?

      If so, then they’re police stops being done behind the cover of third parties. What happens to the info being collected?

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