Exactly what ARE Burbank’s “homeless” services?


But for the privately funded BTAC, there are none. Which makes today’s Leader article a complete joke:

Glendale typically receives $2.4 million a year in federal and state funding for its homeless programs, including shelter services and providing housing subsidies for the homeless, according to Samvelyan.

The city currently has two year-round shelters. The first is a 40-bed shelter run by Ascencia, a homeless services provider, and is open to families and individuals. The second is run by the Glendale YWCA and is a 10-bed shelter for domestic-violence victims.

Those aren’t “city” shelters, and Ascencia’s a joke as well. Their idea of outreach to the single male homeless population in the area is to give them a bus token or two to Burbank — where the homeless guys can then make their endless rounds between BTAC, Burger King (which takes EBT), and the library.

The cops know this, which is why they charitably leave them alone — much to the wailing and lamentation of those wonderful souls over at the Talamantes’ “We Love Burbank” Facebook page. Those local pricks and cunts who we’re all proud of.

Meanwhile, Burbank does not have a shelter, but does provide shuttle service to one in Sylmar during the winter. Sugars said Burbank has received roughly $285,000 this year in state and federal funding to pay for its homeless programs, which include emergency services and career training.

Training for what? And exactly where is that shuttle?

Burbank gets money for the purpose. And then what?



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7 responses to “Exactly what ARE Burbank’s “homeless” services?

  1. Al in SoCal

    Glendale is only twice the size of Burbank population-wise yet some of their services far exceed Burbank’s. The Beeline comes to mind – then through the info above – 2.4M for homeless services, and we got just 265K? Sad …

    Let’s not forget the ugly fight re: our own use of the armory (I remember the ugly debate). What’s a solution that would satisfy both voters and get the homeless that want off the street – off the street?

    At least Los Angeles is taking care of homeless vets – if they choose to use that benefit. http://www.latimes.com/local/california/la-me-va-homeless-plan-20150214-story.html

    • LBurbank Resident

      The armory was a Golonski disaater. It did not help the homeless in Burbank it bussed early released prisoners to stay the night. Burbank homeless would not stay there out of fear. That armory sheltee was a help to the state to save money and did nothing for the homeless.

      • semichorus

        You’ve obviously never been homeless. And your “prisoners” remark is a lie.

        That response to the winter shelter at the Armory was one of Burbank’s more offensive moments. I rank it up with when numerous local residents once tried to fire BHS teacher Deane Wolfson after she and another woman bought a house together in Burbank.

        That little hate fest lasted from about 1952 to until just last year, when the school district finally started to officially call it the “Wolfson Auditorium” again.

        From 1999 on they had refused to refer to it by its full name. That bigoted mentality was obviously still out there, as it remains.

        • Burbank Resident

          Early release prisoners is not a lie. That is exactly what the armory shelter was being used for, and Burbank homelesa not wanting to there is FACT.

  2. Tom

    Well i watched the forum on tv friday night and konstantine Anthony had a solution to high rents and homlessnes. He has a 21st century rent control and in ot he says he proposes a renters tax. Renters would be charged a tax on their monthly rent to pay for homeless services. If that guy gets elected by the developers i think all of us renters need to leave town.

    • semichorus

      His ideas are ridiculous and illegal/unenforceable.

      If he’s not a shill for the landlords designed to discredit these ideas, they should pay him for doing so.

      Why in the world too would “renters” be responsible for funding homeless needs?

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