At last the adults are in charge





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24 responses to “At last the adults are in charge

  1. Al in SoCal

    The chaos at the airports that the liberal media is reporting is a big LIE. So are their associated videos and interviews with those at the actual airports!

    I prefer listening to Trump’s alternate fact-feed on AM 640 and Fox News.

  2. chad

    Wonderful. You do realize that the seven nations Trump has selected have never produced a terrorist on American soil and that we created many of these refugees through our exceptional foreign policy. Oh, wait, Trump’s going to fix that.

    • Al

      No Al the mindless are out protesting but what no one told them is that Trump is moving laws signed into law mostly by Bill Clinton. Imagine that id and passports required at airports, these new Trump laws are just unbelievable.

    • Diane

      So Chad and Al support selective enforcement of the law ??? Sorry guys but selective enforcement is the problem and illegal is not a claas above no matter what you or Fruities think. We do not give santuary to law breakers, justice requires equal enforcement of the law the alternative is chaos. #MAGA

      • semichorus

        Those travelers are not illegal. You Trump supporters mangle all your little hatreds and bigotries together, don’t you.

        Here’s an idea. I think the cops in Black neighborhoods should pull over all the white people they see who are wandering through– including on the freeway. Then let’s hear you talk about how great it is.

        • Leticia

          Of course you think that because you want all and any citizens harassed while illegals are exempted from all laws. We are not colors we are Americans. Stop trying to make thise who do not choose to be Americans a protected and favored class.

        • John H.

          Cops can and do stop me anytime driving to check for license, insurance and registration. Driving is a privlege snd not a right. I have seen cops let illegals with no insurance, no license and no registration go. They would give me a ticket because I am a citizen but some people would carry a Mexican fkag, block traffic and protest if they did that to illegals. Stop being anarchists.

          • semichorus

            It’s expressly against the law in California for the police to stop you “anytime” for any or all of those reasons. Not only is it against the Constitution, it’s also in the CVC. They are FORBIDDEN to.

            You people have not a clue.

            • John H.

              Are you seriously that naïve ? So what is a DUI checkpoint when they set it up on the street, and gee they get state funding to do that. They stop traffic, check for current requirements and just to see if you are under the influence. The only probable cause is they decided to check everyone on that street and the state of California pays for it.

              • semichorus

                DUI checkpoints are allowed for public safety purposes, but they’re strictly controlled by law. For one thing, you CANNOT be forced to drive through them. You can turn around your car or turn down a side street in front of them.

                They can also only check ID as PART of the drunk stop. Not independently. It is strictly against the law in California for police officers to pull drivers over to check their ID.

                They also have to announce these stops ahead of time, along with the general location.

                Burbank of course has a long history of violating these rights– the drunk stops in front of KMart are good examples of this. They force cars to go through them with no opportunity to spot them ahead of time from Burbank Blvd or pull off on a side street.

                The only ones I’ve ever seen in Burbank that are legal are on Glenoaks east of Providencia.

              • Al in SoCal

                John – you are quite correct, and in one of the worst Supreme Court decisions (IMO) on the books – they decided that this blatant violation was, in fact, Constitutional.

                Note who was on which side of the argument (hint: right-wing for / left-wing against):

                The Michigan Supreme Court found sobriety roadblocks to be a violation of the Fourth Amendment. However, by a 6-3 decision in Michigan Dept. of State Police v. Sitz (1990), the United States Supreme Court found properly conducted sobriety checkpoints to be constitutional. In the majority opinion, Chief Justice Rehnquist wrote, “In sum, the balance of the State’s interest in preventing drunken driving, the extent to which this system can reasonably be said to advance that interest, and the degree of intrusion upon individual motorists who are briefly stopped, weighs in favor of the state program. We therefore hold that it is consistent with the Fourth Amendment.” Dissenting justices argued against this conclusion. Justice Brennan’s dissenting opinion argued that the police had failed to show that the checkpoint seizures were a necessary tool and worth the intrusion on individual privacy. “That stopping every car might make it easier to prevent drunken driving…is an insufficient justification for abandoning the requirement of individualized suspicion,” he stated.

                Benjamin Franklin had a wonderful quote that fits nicely with the glaring disgraces that Trump has implemented: “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

                • semichorus

                  Yes, and ever since then police departments everywhere have been misusing this right in order to perform community dragnets.

                  It wasn’t until I started getting on their case in the Leader that Burbank ceased to perform these checkpoints only in our lower-income neighborhoods. They used to NEVER do them in the affluent white neighborhoods.

                  The Supreme Court also btw wrote out express rules on how these checkpoints must be set up. Drivers have the right to bypass them without penalty, for one.

        • Juan S.

          Sorry semichorus but Obama made official state identification required to fly within the USA and licenses issued to illegals can not be used. Is there a problem enforcing laws from Obama ? Was Obama a bad president due to deporting more Salvadirians than any other president in history ?

          • semichorus

            You people are ridiculous.

            The most insane thing about this is — if true, which it isn’t– Trump supporters won’t then give Obama CREDIT in their minds for such a great policy .

        • Longshanks

          “Those travelers are not illegal. You Trump supporters mangle all your little hatreds and bigotries together, don’t you.

          Here’s an idea. I think the cops in Black neighborhoods should pull over all the white people they see who are wandering through– including on the freeway.”

          Why not? I have no objections.

      • AL in SoCa

        Selective Enforcement = Muslim ban

        Game, Set, Match

  3. Kate

    Not game set match at all Al of So Cal. The fact is that terrorism comes from and is directed from some particular countries and everyone knows that. It is not a muslim ban it is a temporary ban so that more reliable vetting can be put in place. You more than likely consider the creation of the TSA and added security at airports a muslim ban as well because fact is it was put in place due to terrorist attack on 9-11 and surprise surprise Al those terrorists were not from Sweden they were from middle east countries and they were trained terrorists sent on a mission.

    • semichorus

      What about the WHITE GUY who killed all those parishioners in South Carolina? Oh, that’s different. Yeah.

      9-11 came from Saudi Arabia, which is NOT part of the ban.

      Trump supporters are such stupid, dishonest shits. How do people even manage to exist?

    • Al in SoCal

      Please keep your alterna-facts to yourself. Rudy Giuliani, Trump fan #1, confirmed that it was a Muslim ban ordered by Trump right after his election.

      Why disguise your hatred of others? Come right on out with it – display it proudly. We know you really want to.

  4. Anonymous

    This is for Al of So Cal

    • Anonymous

      Most terrorists have come from Saudi Arabia. Which is not part of the ban(!)

      It’s a ban on poor Muslim countries because they’re Muslim. Case closed.

      • Ed

        The ban is not yet complete and none of it is about a ban it is about time to put in better vettining so pinch your heads and get real please.

      • Al in SoCal

        Flat out banning Muslims, especially from Saudi Arabia would take BALLS – something Trump has never had. He’s a spoiled man-child who has been pampered his entire life. He feels entitled to physically grab women – any woman no matter if she’s married or even if she (gasp) doesn’t have a clue who he is.

        He’s disgusting and it’s impossible for me to think who could vote for someone like that vs. someone who (OMG) used a personal email server … GASP FAINT … Worse than that his children believe what he does – that women who can’t take a certain amount of harassment at work shouldn’t be in the workforce … really? No means yes – right? Sure – go ahead – would you leave your daughter alone with him in a room? Yeah – right.

        Obama described people who would support someone like Trump quite succinctly when he said “It’s not surprising, then, they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.”

        All you do is listen to people blame everyone else for their problems … except for themselves. Time to grow up – take some responsibility for your bitterness, for your dislike of all things outside of your narrow vision. Why do you dislike immigrants so much, why do you hate Muslims, why must you always think the very worst of everyone who is broke and has to take a welfare check? How about volunteering somewhere and actually meeting some of them – you know they do belong to the human race.

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