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  1. For obvious reasons it’s easy to forget one of his most amazing performances was in The Elephant Man. I’ll miss that rasping tone of his.

    • semichorus

      He had that Victorian accent down pat. A movie produced by Mel Brooks, in case anyone didn’t know.

      I love the training of those British actors. Great story Kubrick told about when he was directing Spartacus: He kept noticing how the English actors like Olivier and Ustinov kept muttering to themselves whenever they were offstage and he was directing a scene. He thought they were all talking crap about him until one day he sneaked up behind them and listened in. What they were doing was practicing their lines.

      There’s also a great story about when someone suggested he start using modern day soap opera-like actors in his films. He said no way, because you’d need to use too much makeup to get them to look right. If only directors today even realized that. The actors today always look like they just got out of yoga class.

  2. chad

    I never forgot it.

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