So you Republicans proud of yourselves?


You stupid, destructive, bigoted sacks of shit.





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11 responses to “So you Republicans proud of yourselves?

  1. Dina

    Why thank you kind sir.
    Would you like your copy to be autographed?
    For your service to all of Burbank, there will be no charge.

  2. piss ant

    I’m shocked! Rules for Radicals and the Communist Manifesto have been removed! How will they find their way?

  3. chad

    If only that were the case, piss ant. Have you actually ever met a radical? What’s your definition? How do you know one if you see one?

  4. Claudio

    c’mon down on Tuesday and address Amy.
    After she swallows her gum, try Emileee.
    We’re not sure which one reads to the other.
    Then they can decide who reads to the stammering Willie.

  5. Anonymous

    I do believe that Fruitos knows not how to read, he just listens to developers. He won’t miss books he has the Cusamanos to tell him how to sell everyone out.

    • Ed

      Depends on how you define radical chad but we have a few on our council by my standards. Radicals tend to be into a ban on things for the average joe while they have it for tbemselves. Just the way they are.

  6. Citizen Cane

    I am very proud and excited with what Trump is doing. There will be some delays and setbacks, but overall he is doing great.

    As for the liberals protesting last weekend, I was amazed at how many of those liberal women looked like Michael Moore. I had to laugh, 500,000 man haters wearing pink vaginas on their heads. This is why the Left is a total joke!

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